Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hmm, for a guy who was pals with George Lucas, being picky about dialogue is a little weird.


You'd THINK you'd be saying stuff like "I like the way the chick jumped down the building after that guy!"

"Yah, she not only didn't hesitate to jump to the fire escape, she jumped even FARTHER than him the second time!"

"...and then she was rescued by the super geek squad guy who outsmarted him AND THEN punched him out."

"Yah well THAT wasn't so good heh."

"I DID like the part where they made her strip down to her panties, injected her with LSD, and made her take a bath in front of a bunch of cameras though."

"Yah, now THAT was some classic sbiznish."

"It don't get any better than that."

"Well, the first Stargate show did have a COUPLE totally naked chicks layed down on slabs of alien technology and forced to endure the attentions of tentacle creatures."

"Hmm, yah."

"So I guess it DOES get better than that."

"Yah, sometimes."

"But that was on showtime."

"Yah, so its like, no fair."


Jeff Freeman said...

Hah ha, har.

The previews for this show were nerd foreplay. Buddy, I was READY.

But then, daaaaamn.

Get off me, I'll do it myself.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Actually what you are really making me wonder is what you wanted from the show insteada what you got, like, what are you comparing it to in your mind's eye that's making it stink so bad in comparison.

Something more subtle and intelligent I'm guestimating, just going by the opposite of your reactions and the way I've seen you previously use the words "chainsaw massacre" to mean something was "bad" ahaha.