Friday, September 12, 2008

Devs Suck For Treats

People might think I'm hooked up to the industry through Dundee or something (actually I think I was torturing Brad McQuaid for years before I ever even heard of Dundee, and torturing other people before there were MMOs), but devs are actually the most worthless things in the world if you are after perks and treats and having fun, y'know, 'cause they always have to be "good" and "professional" and "fair" and "politically correct" or whatever.

Its like hanging out with an FBI Agent or something.

"Dude, that was illegal, I'm going to have to arrest you."


"Naw, I'm just kidding. Sorta."

I think they're all robotic-and-the-same like that 'cause they all signed on to some "14 Bullet Points" dev-cult thingie that Raph wrote a long time ago heh.

And they always go around moping about the game industry and taking everything so serious 'cause they consider themselves "artists" and they signed ten thousand NDAs and they might get sued by the PR department of the company they work for and you might get sued by the PR department of the company they work for if you try to defend them when they come under attack so the whole thing is just a big fat headache.

Meanwhile everybody else is running around cheating and having fun duping gold and getting free lightsabers and howling all their complaints and stuff so its like "wtf man why am I stuck riding around with this guy in this shitty obiwan-mobile with the broken tail-light while all the newbs are whipping past me on BARC speeders!" heh.

AND THEN SOMETIMES SOME OF EM MAKE YOU ROLEPLAY AND STUFF omfg its horrible yer like this shoeless-joe loser that has to play the game "the right way" and read all the quests and take it all serious and try to be constructive and not say anything bad about it ahaha.

Screw that shit man that's why I never hang out with those guys.

Head on over to marketing and get yourself some free lightsabers and donuts and stuff!

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