Friday, September 12, 2008

Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

I had a press pass for WoW, that's how I got to play the thing for like a year before it went live, but it wasn't 'cause they knew who I was or anything, heck, if they woulda known who I was, they prolly woulda taken it away heh.

Same thing with CoH and a few other ones.

The big game advertising and outlet companies get piles of those passes, so its good to make friendly with those guys, 'cause they gotta get one of their co-workers to cough up his pass so that you can use it.

Of course, me being friendly with those guys means I do actually have a little power to do some damage to a game, y'know, if I really wanted to, or even on accident, if I can't keep my mouth shut.

Y'know, by shaping their opinions about the thing, like, when you and your buddies all start laughing yourself sick at how frustrating or stupid something in the game is, which is where those addictive buzz phrases that seem to stick to a game forever always come from.

Only thing that sucks about that press pass crap is that you're stuck playing with somebody from the press and you gotta listen to their whiny little high-pitched voices on voicecom and be nice to 'em the whole time y'know and that really kinda sucks heh.

Y'know, there comes a point where you gotta start thinking about the trade-offs yer making and what you are getting out of the deal, like, "I'm paying for being able to play this game by being friendly to this dude and letting him ruin my gaming experience for me every time I play" ahaha.

What is fifteen bucks per month in dollars per hour?

"I''m still waiting on that check from your momma."

Plus sometimes the game ain't any fun to play even IF there wasn't some dweeb from the press ruining it for you!

And who the hell wants to play on a server full of press people, omfg ahaha.

Oh I'm just kidding my guy is all funny and nasty, he's an old school quake whore and a pk AHAHA.

Oh yah, I also got turned into a GM in one game just 'cause I asked them something and there was some confusion at the language barrier.

"Dude! I don't wanna have to go around and help people get unstuck and shit!"

AND I got a free account for a game just by writing an email to the guys running the thing and telling them that their work wasn't professional enough for me to trust 'em with my credit card number, but I felt guilty for that 'cause they turned out to be really nice folks so I never did that Hannibal the Cannibal kinda thing again.

On the other hand, I've also been a called a motherfucker by one of the presidents of 20th century fox, and not in a aw-just-joshing-ya-buddy kinda way, either ahaha.

'Cause those pvp servers full of press people from different companies killing each other can get pretty nasty AHAHA.

In other news, Obama calls McCain a newb.

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