Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy World

Its not okay to use the word "retarded."

Its still okay to the use the word "stupid," though.

That's weird.

I guess the stupid people haven't gotten around to voting yet.

And nobody cares about the stupid people like they care about the retarded people, so nobody votes in their place, like they do for the retarded people.

Everybody is all nice and protective of you, as long as you're retarded.

But move one little bump up the ladder to stupid and its like they wanna kill you when they get stuck behind you in traffic.

Its okay to want to kill stupid people.

But you can't even say the word retarded, 'cause you might hurt a retarded person's feelings.

That's weird, man.

I wonder if, one day, in the distant future, it'll be against the rules to say anything negative.

Its interesting to think about, y'know, this eventual blissful utopia that these happy pandas who-hate-stupid-people envision, where they get rid of all the negativity and you can't even say shit like "I think this milk is spoiled."

'Cause you might hurt the feelings of spoiled people.

Haha yah that would never work, 'cause we can always say stuff like "nice pants" and "oh that was really smart" ahaha.

"Thank the gods, for in their eternal wisdom, they hath forseen all things, and provided us with sarcasm."

You can't even say that you can't say something without being super negative.

Well, you ain't on the team that's trying to encourage folks to do good stuff better.

That ain't what you're doing.

No, see, you are engaging the "bad guys" in combat and trying to take away their right to talk and stuff.

Did you guys ever think about that?

What if your "bad guys" are only bad 'cause they're retarded and they don't know any better?

Ah, but its okay to go and be inhumane to 'em if they're stupid.

Or spoiled.

Hey, I'm just being nice about it 'cause yer an idiot.

Hey now, don't you accidentally try to hurt me, you don't even know what you are doing, you might hurt yourself!

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