Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Good News

Teachers, frustrated with how stupid their students are, unanimously voted for a shift in the grading system today, where a score of 1% will now be considered a "D," and anything over a score of 50% or more will now be considered "unanimous."

All the other letters are in the middle of them two things, they didn't get rid of any.

"This is a huge win for teachers," said this hot teacher chick, "now we won't have to waste so much time with that crap."

"And this will make the students be smarter," said this other guy, "and that's what teaching is all about."

"Now the teachers won't have to teach us so hard," said another person who was shorter than the other guy.

As for the rest of the community, they seemed to be under the mistaken impression that I was auditioning them for that America's Got Talent thing on TV, you know, with the English Judge guy, it seems kinda weird that we use an English Judge guy to judge American Talent like that, don't it?

Its like they're looking for English talent or something, really.

See, that's probably why people are having such a hard time winning the thing!

Which reminds me, isn't it kinda dumb to call the news "news" just because its new?

I thought this stuff was supposed to be all smart and serious and spelled right and junk.

Calling it "news" just seems kinda cheesy, to me, if you really think about it, its like the "s" on the end is supposed to make it sound cute or something.

Well, whatever, some of them really could sing pretty good, and there was a couple of ones that might actually make it.

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed over here, Bob.

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