Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Price

It's one thing to be mad at me if I don't pay you for something that you did for me.

Its quite another thing to be mad at me for not falling for some trick you tried to pull on me.

Especially if you were really lazy and half-hearted about it.

I mean, I'm willing to pretend I fell for yer shit, a little, to encourage you to keep practicing, but I gotta see you putting some serious effort into it next time.

Or, y'know, you could try to do something for me, insteada to me, and then just be mad that I didn't pay you for it.

Either way.

S'up to you, really ahaha.


Sundry Chicken said...

Just this morning, was out trying paragliding for the first time, just to mix things up a bit. After about 8-10 pages of signing away every legal right or whatever, this other random chick smiles and starts in on the pretty pictures she's going to take and all and drops the $25 cost thing in there at the end like I'm not going to notice. So sure, I didn't even hesitate to say "no, not interested thanks". Not like she can't see that I've got this bright yellow camera helmet I'm taking with me for the flight, or even joke or try a smart ass comment or anything requiring selling, schmoozing or scamming. Nope. We get to spend the next 5-10 minutes listening to her talk to her friend about how it would have been better to sleep in, go to starbucks or do anything but stand out in the cold. Which pretty much made me decide that even though I really hate pictures I really hate people who take pictures and go to starbucks and complain about a lack of picture taking even more. Except hating is too much effort and all tiring. Then you get up there and meet the guys who are your brothers without ever seeing them before because of a shared love of the sky and edge and then you're wondering why anybody spends even any time at all on the price. Like it's worth something to hoard and trade it, man. Though then one of THOSE guys was peddling the "extreme cool-factor" currency stuff, telling these awesome stories and things to do with their setup. So when I'm like yeah, I'll be back with friends in two weeks and we'll do it... all of a sudden he gets a look like, oh shit man, i was just talking here, not really gonna do all those scary cool things like jumping from a paraglider. Then it's back to the world where everybody is a seller and a buyer, just what you're selling, buying and if you're willing to follow through on either... is what the whole questions about then, eh-yeah.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

"Its twenty five bucks per day to have me pretend to care about your day while accidentally ruining your day a little. Accidentally ruining your day a little is free."

"Yah that's cool I'm just trying to figure out how much each of your packages is gonna end up costing me in faith-in-humanity points so I can pick the cheapest one. I don't got a lot of faith-in-humanity points left. Heck, yer sales pitch alone mighta broke the bank."

Sundry Chicken said...

I'll tell you what. You seem like an honest person and I feel like I can trust you and restore your faith in humanity at the same time.

Gracious sir, I hesitate to ask, but your sincerity compels me to implore your assistance in these troubled times. Recently I have come into a rather large inheritance. The sum of THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS will be transferred to your account. I will then transfer TWO THOUSAND NINE HUNDREDS of dollars out of your account payable to my late most dearest grand-mother, god rest her blessed soul.

For this you will recieive no less than ONE HUNDRED dollars just for being a gracous and helpful person of which I know and trust you are.

Please remit your bank account or Paypal (I am technologically savvy, you savvy?) at your nearest opportunity and I trust in your goodwill and compassion in this matter.