Monday, September 29, 2008

User User

Dude, I think we can make a feature-length film for like, a couple hundred bucks.

If we all lived in one of the many abandoned mansions that are currently littering the landscape and made big batches of Ramen Pride Noodles to feed the volunteer cast and crew.

With campfire marshmallows for dessert awhellyah.

Hell, we could make a reality show about a bunch of people trying to make a feature length film with a couple hundred bucks for a couple hundred bucks.

And a documentary about a contest for positions in a reality show about making the feature length film awhellyah baby that's like three-to-five birds with one couple hundred bucks right there, if any one of those things actually work we'd be sitting on a goldmine!

All you need is a bunch of random character-based bullshit to get people into it, like, you need a nerd, you need a psychic, you need a jock and a cheerleader and a doctor and an indian and a construction worker, blah blah blah, make 'em all weepy, easy peasy.

Yah, its sorta like a cross between going camping and a cooking show and Survivor and Lost.

Yah, where you get the people on the Reality Show to do all the work as if that was part of the Reality Show.

Hey man, if it turns out to be shit, you can just say "I meant to do that" and call it a comedy.

And if it turns out good, its like, high quality drama or whatever.

Dude, I'm totally in to this User-made Content stuff.

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