Saturday, September 27, 2008

Serious Political Opinion

People probably wonder what I am politically.

I'm not anything.

I'm pretty liberal if we're talking about sex and shit like that.

But I support the right for folks to be different, so I'm not against conservatives, 'cause that's just one of the ways you can be different, imho.

A republican is just a kind of democrat to a guy like me.

I'm not against anything that rewards folks for innovation and stuff but I don't think that we need to reward people for preying on each other to do that, so take what you will from that.

I think the most important thing about America is the way that we're made up of the greatest adventurers from all over the world, that there's some place on this planet that folks can run to when they're being persecuted, some place that appreciates and welcomes 'em based on the fact that we're all exactly the same kinda strange adventurers as them, a place that appreciates anything anybody is willing to bring to the table and share as far as the wisdom and beauty and comedy of their culture and traditions and ancestors goes.

'Cause that's why I got Egg Rolls and Tamales to eat insteada Haggis, thank the gods.

And that's how we got Isaac Asimov (thank you Soviet Union), and Enrico Fermi (thank you Mussolini), Groucho Marx, all 47 flavors of beautiful women, and everything else.

That's how I got the wisdom of teachers from all over the world (including the Native Americans, who came across the Ice Bridge a zillion years ago).

And that's how we got Amish Hobbits and plastic dudes from the 80s living together in peace and harmony.

Hell, even Bon Jovi is still allowed to be popular in some places *stares at Rockford*

And I wouldn't want to go back to the places my genetics crawled away from and live in some town where every dude looked like me, that'd totally freak me out, man, I dunno how those people can do that, I'd go crazy, that's like something out of a scary movie man ahaha.

And I understand that you need to let folks keep some dignity, even though I ain't any good at it heh.

And some of the dudes in the countries we came from are all wise and stuff, too wise to be adventurers like us, the adventurer lifestyle ain't for everybody.

Oh and I'm not a big fan of monarchies that you don't get to vote for.

That's about all I got for serious political opinion, really.

So am I still free to go?

Or have you guys changed that.

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