Monday, September 29, 2008


The first thing most people do when they first get on the internet is vent all of their fury at the universe.

Not everybody does that, some folks seem to keep a cool and sorta-professional Disney-quality exterior no matter what, but most of 'em do that.

And then most of them give up and disappear.

Meanwhile the rest of us are like, well, thanks for venting all your acid and bile on us, I dunno what folks expect to get back from that ahaha.

Anyways, after you been blabbering on the internet for about a million years, you start to evolve a bit.

How exactly you evolve sorta depends on why you were blabbering about stuff in the first place, so I'm not familiar with all the different kinds of guys, I only understand my own selfish thing, where you're trying to cheer your buddies up and make 'em blow milk out of their noses and shit while you rub your brain against the grindstone to keep it sharp.

And so when it gets tough to think of something that would cheer my buddies up, when I'm feeling bummed out myself, that's when I'm the most proud of what I do, that's when I give myself the highest points for difficulty, the hardest times to do it are when I feel like I oughta be doing it the most.

And that's like the exact opposite of the folks who first show up and use the internet to vent the junk that's bugging 'em and whatever heh.

Of course, this is just my own small corner of the shit, I got all sorts of complex little rules that govern how I do things, and there's a million other ways to do it, and a million other things you could do with it.

And I'm mistaken by strangers for a lot of things I ain't, y'know, like, I'm not a public entertainment system and whatever-else ya might think just 'cause I got talked into putting most of my shit in one place on the internet so that it wouldn't be so hard to chase me around.

And I'm not really against strangers joining up with my team of buddies, I'm pretty big on the need for new blood, compared to the crustier and more jaded folks, but the junk I put out there is designed to naturally select what I want to get back out of the mess, so I don't usually gotta deal with folks I wouldn't like, I'm always meeting cool folks with tons of personality that know about all sorts of shit insteada loud-ass know-nothing robots like me ahaha.

Yah there's only room for one loud-ass know-nothing robot like me in my universe, buddy AHAHA.

But enough about me.

What the hell was I talking about?

Oh yah, I'm right in the middle of doing some kinda super-manipulative thingie where I try persuade folks to write some shit that'll cheer me up make me laugh heh.

Pfft, this isn't gonna work, you guys suck ahaha.


Colbey said...

Ya know, you might be right about all those people who finally find the internet, spitting out their junk to the world. They probably think that because they said something, especially obnoxious noises, people will actually pay attention to them. 'Cause ya know, if you're sitting at the next table over in a restaurant and two people are screaming at each other, well, it's kinda hard to ignore 'em.

But you've got to wonder, do these people actually disappear, or do they just change their names and start over. 'Cause really, it's hard to tell the difference in 'em, and could there Really be that many people who like screaming to themselves out there?

And yeah, I guess you can say people evolve but I've got my doubts. It may seem like people change, but do they change or are they same person and it's just their surroundings that evolve? (With the possibility of learning -which really is just someone's view of the world growing.) 'Cause ya know it's all relative. E=mc^2 with energy conversion and all that jazz.

If some civilization's lived in a dark cave for the last 300 years, (They'd be pasty and pale but that don't matter.) that's all they know. They've got their world. They love their music, the echoes coming through the tunnels. They have their favorite food, tasty worms versus those tough and bland bats. They've even have an economy.

If one day a land slide opens up and they walk out and find sunlight, cars and New York City they'd probably fit in just fine. But each individual would still be the same Alex, Betty, Chuck, or Denny. If they were a jerk, their still a jerk, if they were a natural public-entertainment system, well, that's what they still are.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Haha man you are a genius.

You weren't always this smart, I remember you from when you were just a little kid, y'know, back in the days when you were just a regular super heroic kinda good guy with really awesome manners that made people think that I was the little kid when I was standing next to you heh.

You were more of the "honest fighting man" type and nothing like the super powerful wizard that you are now.

So there's your bit for evolution.

I've like, started to devolve or whatever, 'cause I was old when I started and NOW I make mummies go "holy shit man" and shiver but that's provided me with the delusions of grandeur and sheer ignorance that I require to keep yelling for nurses and pills and whatever ahaha.