Thursday, September 11, 2008


I wanna get some cheap web and MySQL database hosting, and I'm pretty sure there's quite a few of you guys that know more than I do about it, so I'd appreciate anything that'd make it quicker and easier for me, y'know, like that XAMPP tip from Dundee, man, that was a beaut.

And even though I can write a dimetric engine map editor in about the time it takes to make a pot of coffee, and my own forum software in about the time it'd take to drink it, I'm actually a total newb when it comes to webmastery stuff, I've never had any interest innit (and I still have a hard time drumming up any enthusiasm for it ahaha).

Everything I write is straight-up javascript and php-to-the-database and that's it, I don't think I need or want anything else.

Oh and I don't wanna run a commercial website or a public playground or anything like that, I just wanna fool around and do some experiments and have some fun with my buddies and stuff, doesn't even need to be persistent or anything.

Normally I'd just ask Ex-bouncer to do this kinda junk for me 'cause he knows all about this stuff (he sold his first porn-on-the-internet-business when he was 18 heh) but he's been moping down there in Florida lately, y'know, crying in his beer, the guy is one of them hopeless romantic heart types, I don't understand any of that existential lovelife voyage-of-self-discovery mumbo-jumbo crap 'cause I'm just a simple robot and thus not equipt to do anything but disguise my cold-blooded and murderous nature with dippity doo dah cheerfulness, thank the maker ahaha.

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