Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cheap Theatrics

Some actors definitely think scifi is uncool, that scifi is unbecoming, somehow.

Meanwhile Emergency Room Drama is the shiznit, I mean, seriously, that's where its at, pretending to be a pediatrician or a dude with cancer, aw hellyah, actors eat that shit up, they think that's all class, you get to cry and have tender moments with Tiny Tim and everything.

Pretty much every show takes a turn at some point where they have summa that cheesy ass medical drama stuff innit, I think its even more common than the "ticking timebomb" dealie, even shows like the A-Team had more than a couple tender scenes at an operating table and shit, I'm pretty sure ahaha.

And we sit through that crap and we don't say anything about it even though we know that we're just stuck watching that shit 'cause its something that actors like to do.

Nobody else likes that shit, do they?

Yah, mebbe the women.

Yah, you know how they eat up that disease-of-week garbage heh.

Hell yah I blame them too man I always punch out at whoever is closest to me when I bump my head on a doorway and shit ahaha.

But look at how happy the actors are, with their stethoscopes and clipboards, its like watching a bunch of kids in a treehouse.

And they really think they're doing something important or something.

When the chicks that like that disease of the week crap ain't really all that as far as discerning audiences go.

Its not like they're the toughest critics in the world, man, those are the people that go "awwww" when you hold a puppy up to the screen heh.

Well, they definitely ain't better than the nerdy and general well-read audience that watch scifi shit man c'mon I mean seriously, those are the kinda people that actually might know the name of the author of the thing you are working on and a little bit about the history of theatre in the medieval times and all that horseshit ahaha.

"I don't want to be famous for being the second Daniel Jackson!"

"Well you ain't gonna be famous for being the nine millionth Hamlet, buddy."

Serious actors are funny 'cause its like they've forgotten that they're really just a bunch of carnies from vaudeville with flowers that squirt water and chicks that are willing to flip up their skirts for a buck and stuff heh.

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