Saturday, September 6, 2008

Smash TV

I'm still working on my game, all the time.

Its just that its hard to think of anything to say about it most of the time.

Mostly what I'm doing right now is drawing cartoons and doing experiments with animation (trying to find the best way to do things so it'll run on crappy computers) and collision detection and structural crap like that, stuff that don't exactly beg to be blabbered about, and although there's some funny one-liner shit in there every once in a while, I tend to keep working and forget about it insteada coming here and writing it up.

And I got to the point where I don't wanna do screenshots and stuff 'cause I might need to reserve a domain name or copywrite or trademark some shit and I don't know anything about that kinda crap and I ain't got any time to think about it right now either.

Basically its all just 'cause I'm bad at thinking up names fer shit, so the few passable ones that I do I think up, I wanna keep, y'know, so I don't gotta keep thinking up new ones and redoing the artwork and all that heh.

Right now I'm sorta stuck on this thing where its hard to come up with junk that ain't all about killing stuff.

Its so easy to make a game where you go around blowing shit up with submachine guns and missiles and lasers, y'know?

My game can do all the Syndicate-Style junk now, left click to move, right click to hose stuff down with your weaponry.

But then I think about how that'd make Pete Seeger cry, and I'm all like, "shit man, I better think of something else, something with some redeeming qualities, y'know? Something to sorta go along with all this sinfully delicious Smash TV boobs and gore!" heh.

So there's this whole existential nightmare thingie to it, that I'm trying my best to "conveniently ignore" by trying to convince myself that its a "satire" or something, but I ain't succeeded in fooling myself yet ahaha.

Y'know, it really is fun to blow shit up and look at hot chicks, there's just no getting around it, you can sing songs about holding hands and sharing the land and all that till yer blue in the face but that don't change a thing about how fun it is to right-click on stuff and hose it down with Missiles & Miniguns & Flame Throwers AHAHA.

Oh, I know, I'll have stuff like farming in the game.

So we'll be able to do something "green."

AND patrol around the farm in our powered armor and hose down weeds and zombies with our machine guns while collecting cash and valuable prizes and stuff.

And then I'll have something in there that makes it sorta satirical, so its like, its teaching you that going around and hosing things down with flamethrowers is bad!

...while it lets you do exactly that, sorta like those scifi shows where they're gonna televise somebody getting executed...

"oh that's so awful!"

"I wonder if they're gonna show it!" ahaha.

Thats just so goddam cheesy man, this isn't gonna do anything for the good of humanity, goddamit, I wanna do something good, y'know, like Star Trek, man, but that's so goddam boring and hard to do AHAHA.

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