Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free Speech Kills Rainforests

Stephen King does more crap in his books than I think I'd ever need to do as a story-teller in a game.

There's all sorts of gross supernatural blowjobs and people getting their tits hacked off and everything, I don't think I'd need to do anything like that to tell my kinda stories heh.

Not to single him out, King doesn't actually give me even half the willies that Straub does brrrr! whew! ahaha.

But if I made a Stephen King sorta game, I'd be doing it for adults.

And I don't mind stuff that makes it easier for folks to restrict shit for their kids, as a default, if that's what they wanna do, I don't think folks should have to worry that their kids were gonna get preyed on by carnies and con artists that wanna sell their shit to 'em or take advantage of them somehow.

Y'know, like Disney does, with all those goddam commercials before they show their goddam features ahaha.

Even though I never had to worry about what the "rules" were for the "adult" and "kids" section of the library, my mom and me were grumbling in the car about how bad the endings were to certain Stephen King books by the time I was in third grade.

Don't get me wrong, my mom actually is kinda old fashioned, she's just old fashioned like an American Indian heh.

But I don't think everybody oughta have to do stuff the way my family does it.

Yah, naw, see, for the first few years of a kid's life, they should prolly be locked in a basement or something so their parents are the only ones that would be allowed to sell their shit to 'em and take advantage of 'em and stuff ahaha.

Anyways, the only problem with doing games that are restricted to adults is that you ain't gonna make as much money, right?

'Cause the kids of people that restrict their kids to kid shit are the big market, yah?

People with kids won't buy anything for themselves, but they'll buy just about any stupid ass thing in the world for their kids, as long as its some stupid-ass tasteless british food kinda kiddie stuff ahaha.

And so quality entertainment for adults and mexican food is a niche market or something.

"Games are for kids."

Or that's the self-pertuating myth, at least.

Even though Stephen King did pretty well for himself.

But I do think game companies sorta turn a blind eye at certain key points, and play the gray area game, maybe its for kids, and maybe it isn't, don't ask don't tell, playing it as close to the line as they can so they keep their target markets as wide as possible and get more money.

Y'know, you don't want anybody playing your game to say "this stupid game is for kids!" but you actually do want retail stores and parents and everybody else to say shit like that ahaha.

I can't see how to look at that in any way that isn't a little sinister and predatory on the part of the game company, really.

Not that I don't see something sinister in everybody involved heh.

Hey, the Bible is rated R, right?

Well, there's all sorts of hookers and gore with piles of penis skin and supernatural sex junk and freaky stuff like that in that one heh.

You dirty little oinkers ahaha.

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