Friday, September 26, 2008

Fawlty Wiring

I am so jealous of the Monty Python guys.

A comedy team funded by Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

Like, those are your bosses, that's who you have to please, that's who you are supposed to be entertaining when they get off duty, holy shit.

And you get to work with all these other dudes who are totally hilarious.

Y'know, like, could it get any better?

And its not like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd were the least creative bands that ever lived or anything, either, y'know, you're getting up there into that Jim Henson level of creativity, man, without the Ewoks Ruined the Trilogy crap where you gotta do stuff for kids heh.

Of course, now that we can download everything off the internet and there's no money in music, the only musicians who are making any money are the ones that are grinding out garbage for all the computer-illiterate folks who still have to go to the stores to buy things, and those guys are a bunch of bland pap-producing idiots, so us intellectual know-it-all folks have sorta totally screwed ourselves in the ass there man ahaha.

Y'know, its like, who wants to be the comedy team produced by Britney Spears?

Wtf kinda sad-ass Bob Saget shit would be involved in making folks like that laugh?

Its like our intelligence and cunning has somehow turned around on us and thrown us under the Ewoks Were Awesome Bus or something.

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