Monday, September 15, 2008


My favorite character on Heroes is Claire Bennet's brother.

The one who is hardly ever in camera focus.

Seriously, if you can remember what that guy looks like, you probably have some kinda super power heh.

And all that dude ever has to do is run down the stairs halfway and start to say something before Claire tells him to shut up.

And sometimes he has to stand with the rest of the Muggles and carry Claire's mom's dog around in outdoor scenes.

I'm fascinated with the way they keep him hanging around in the background.

Waiting to sacrifice his job on the show in some eventual subplot that'll give Claire a chance to say something like "you killed my family!" and be more interesting for a few minutes.

See, so that job is actually a lot more heroic than it seems.

They should give him his own spin-off show heh.

Something for regular people who are sick to death of listening to people with super powers complain about how hard their lives are ahaha.

"You don't understand! You don't know what its like to be an invulnerable cheerleader who lives forever!"

"Tell me about it! This whole 'being able to fly' thing is the worst!"

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