Thursday, May 1, 2008

Old School

I've read MMOG Nation for a long time.

But I didn't know it was "Michael Zenke" typing all the stuff over there.

I just always thought of that place as "the MMOG Nation Guy's Place" heh.

It took me a while to put it all together y'know?

I had to like, get all Sherlock Holmes and stuff.

And I hate having to do that Sherlock Holmes kinda thing, man, 'cause it reminds me of this boss I had that wanted me to marry his daughter, and he was totally cool in that old-fashioned Zoot Suit classy hip-cat kinda way, he used to be the front man for some swing band or something back in the olden times when everything was still in Black and White, but he had this Film Noir thingie going on where he was always trying to get me to help him solve mysteries like that whole OJ Simpson deal y'know as if we could actually do that THROUGH A TELEVISION SET heh.

Some people are like, really into that detective stuff, and when they find out that yer kinda super perceptive they wanna use your brain like a searchlight.

Where I'm actually more like:

"Oh man this is the Slashdot guy's place too?"

"The plot thickens."

"wtf I dont get it go back to the beginning and start over."

"This ain't gonna get all gross and scary is it?"

Anyways you guys gotta be careful linking to me man I'm liable to do anything to maintain my dungeon master "aura of unpredictability" heh.

Well, actually, Michael Zenke don't gotta worry about that, 'cause first of all he's a Wisconsin guy, or was one, at least at one point, and fer all I make fun of it, I love Wisconsin, its the land of Pancakes and Pine Trees and Daisy Dukes and Antique Shoppes.

And that also means he ain't some kinda madman from the desert like the rest of you guys with your turquoise jewelery and your acid-washed jean jackets and your crazy bloodshot eyes and stuff ahaha.

Plus he's a pen-n-paper guy, too.

And I already said something nice about him, y'know, and I'm from Chicago and that's just how we do things, once somebody puts the good word in for yas, yer in the tribe and that's that, man.

We ain't like them folks in California, we're Old School, baby, our civilization ain't composed entirely out of folks that "moved here last week."

Well, if you don't count all the Cubs Fans from the North Side, 'cause I sure don't heh.

Anyways that whole thing where our word is our bond is s'posed to sorta go without saying and I might just have to kill you if you keep asking me about it ahaha.

And you can't stare nobody directly in the eyes like that over here either man goddam what're ya tryin' to get youself killed? AHAHA.

And I might grumble and rib on ya a little and stuff but that's just how we check for hitches and kinks in each other's psychological armor and junk where I'm from.

And it's also 'cause I know that I might have to go out in the middle of night at end of the world in the thunder and lightning and pouring rain in some crappy pickup truck that'll hardly stay on the road and help Michael Zenke get rid of an evil gyspy or something that put a curse on him even if it kills me.

And I'm a little resentful of all these people that are allowed to keep waking my ass up in the middle of the night so I can help 'em with stuff like that all the time y'know I can't hardly get any sleep around here anymore.

Think mebbe I oughta move to California or something just so I don't gotta help nobody and I can get me some sleep ahaha.


Michael said...

Hey, thanks man. :) Gaah. After Slashdot I dunno if I can deal with people saying nice things about me on the internets.

I still live in Wisconsin, enjoying the scenic Wine/Cheese/Beer/Bread stores.

Actually, I grew up in a suburb south of Chicago - Riverdale. Small fricking world, huh?

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

South siyede ahaha.

Michael said...

heh. Maybe now, but when I grew up there it was a butter-on-white-bread place where I could walk around by myself all day at the age of six.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Actually I spent most my youth working on a dairy farm out in the swamps and woods in Middle of Nowhere, Illinois, but I moved 18 times in my first 18 years of life, so I'm kinda from everywhere heh.