Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Design Specs

Instead of trying to please the most people, you could try to please people the most.

Those are two different vectors, there, although they criss-cross down near their bases a little (but not at their bases, 'cause they don't start in the same place).

And you can even do both at once, if you got a reason to, which I don't, but almost everybody else does heh.

Yah, you can do it, because the key thing to "you can't please everybody at the same time" is the "at the same time" part.

You can use all the smarmy and least offensive stuff as a foundation and just build things that spiral off of that all arthouse and genuine and awesome in different directions according to interests, and have them all feed back into the same melting pot as a positive thing, instead of setting them up to be at war with one another.

I ain't got any use for an army of idiots, 'cause I ain't selling nothing, here, and so every ounce of energy I gotta waste on their maintenance is just a total waste of energy for me, energy that I coulda spent flying off in directions that were more interesting and rewarding for me, the only reason I gotta do the occasional vulgar display of power is to fire up and goad all the supergeniuses into trying to do one better than me so I can get something back out of 'em heh.

In order for a compliment to mean anything, you gotta sorta respect the guy it comes from, right?

Its gotta come from somebody that's more perceptive than you.

And even then, they'll usually give you points for shit that you didn't even mean to do on purpose, so you can't even enjoy that heh.

See, that's my problem with being an "artist" ahaha.

But almost everybody else does have a use for an army of idiots, 'cause y'all are selling something.

And I can't sing anthems with you and try to make a cult of personality and join your particular army or anything, y'know, 'cause I got a lot of very different kinds of friends, and even though everybody has some things in common, I think that diversity and the challenges of dealing with all those different perspectives tends to make me smarter, it tends to make me think of new things, compared to a bunch of ego-stroking garbage that'd make me... uh... stupider ahaha.

But I'm also not really a polarizer by nature, I'm a de-polarizer, I'm a centrist, I don't want to beat the "evil" pvp people, 'cause I'm part pvp guy, and I don't want to beat the "evil" pve people, 'cause I'm part evil (heh), y'know, stuff like that.

But to keep myself from falling into a rut and getting "type cast" on every one of those kinds of levels, I'll usually switch sides fifty times and just throw punches at whoever I think will make the most beneficial thing happen next, while never letting anybody totally wreck anything I like without a fight.

I don't wanna be a game journalist, I don't wanna be a game designer, I don't wanna be a community guy, or a famous player, or a writer, or a critic, or whatever else there is that all these people wanna be, I don't really care about any of that, I like telling stories and making folks laugh a little and blabbering about junk that might make me smarter and keep me sharp, but I definitely wouldn't wanna be stuck doing that kinda shit for a living, that's too fucking hard to keep it fun and too fucking crappy as far as all the compromises you'd have to make go.

Y'know, I want that "leave me the hell alone unless its time to party" job, there's gotta be some of those left somewheres heh.

Basically what I'm saying is that you are not going to have an easy time wielding me against anybody, or for anything, 'cause being nigh-impossible to wield was one of my original design specs ahaha.

Oh, and I'm also saying that you can be McDonalds and still have gourmet meals on the menu.

Even though not having to do McDonald's junk was one of my original design specs too heh.

But sometimes I want me summa that cheap stuff ahaha.

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