Thursday, May 22, 2008

Statement of Disinterest

I'm not programming anything in anything yet.

Well, I looked at all the stuff out there that we could steal from until my head started to swim from weighing all the different options, y'know, like, whether to just build the whole thing from scratch in C with a non-web-based client or in Flash (and worry about how well that'll scale up) and Java (and worry about how bad the perfomance will be even though I ain't so worried about how it will scale up, Ex-b don't want no Java attaching to his database heh) or base it off of something like Dragon Knights (what Dundee was saying) or Crossfire (which me and the Real Life Dwarf have messed with before) or the Arianne/Stendahl and Marauora thingie (all of which would need to be stripped down to a few bare wires and have their services separated out and replaced with other things and then the bare-bones client would need to be rearranged some before you could even start using all that for something that needed to be able to scale up like a business app).

And all the programming and stuff I did with the UO emulators helps me know what I gotta do on the game server end but that's like, the easy part, y'know?

Plus that thing didn't even use a database (or separate servers for chat) and it really couldn't handle the kind of traffic we'd have with what basically amounts to a "click to enter" game (it could handle about as much as the extreme-end of deathmatches in FPS games but it wouldn't be dieing because of graphics lag heh).

The UO emu isn't the only one of those kinda thingies I've ever messed with, though, I mean, I think I actually learned a lot more about what I'd need to do for a MMO by jacking around with the EQ emu, and me the Real Life Dwarf been building these web-front-end database back-end business thingies since the earliest days of doing that kinda junk, that's pretty much the bread-n-butter of big money IT consulting work.

So anyways I was building up this huge list of crap that I was gonna need to install on my poor machine (I'd need to run all these different servers just so I could incrementally test my programming, and I'd probably need to put Linux on my second hard drive in this box, 'cause if I gotta program a lot, and run all these servers like I think I'll need to, I'd prefer to do it over there).

And then I realized that no matter what this thing was based on, and no matter how much of the content was created by players, I was going to have to do a lot more artwork crap for structural things than I had thought about ('cause I know a lot of people that can program but not a whole lot of folks that whip up cartoons and graphic design shit like I can), and I ain't done artwork stuff in like, forever, so I decided to see if I could still do it and knock some of the rust off while I was at.

And now I'm all like, okay, if I gotta do all this art shit (which ain't even a twentieth as bad as what it took to put the UO client together 'cause I don't need to do items and landscape tiles and all that, but its close enough to make me not wanna think about it all at once heh) to make the animated icons and UI picture frames and titles and gods-knows-what-else kinda junk I'm gonna eventually need to do, and do all the programming and testing and everything else, that's too damn much.

When I could be just having fun laughing at my own jokes like an idiot and writing stupid little stories and stuff.

I mean, seriously man, there's hella-easier ways for me to get helicoptered down to the Bikini Beach Blanket Bingo Bamboo Bar and Grill on the tropical island than all that horrible-ass hard work and honest shit that Dundee and all them likes to do ahaha.

"Have a beer, you've earned it."

"Ugh, earned beer doesn't taste even half as good as totally undeserved beer."

Plus, Dundee ain't been talking for like, four days now, so I dunno if he thought I was serious about ripping him off or if he's just busy at work or what.

He's a struggler, y'know, I don't really understand how they think heh.

If I really was gonna do something like that (build this thing, I mean, not rip Dundee off), I'd just get Dundee and everybody else to do all the work for me, and then, when y'all finished and were totally exhausted off your asses and in a totally weakened state, I'd take advantage of the whole thing with some kinda kickass marketing weasel spin doctor coup de gras somehow, bliggie blam, Supervillain Style ahaha.

But then who would I have to drink with, y'know?

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