Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thieves Cant

And then at the opposite end of the spectrum from the football team game, the reason content has to be bland monster-mashing shit in MMOs is because you have all these different classes that are supposed to be working together and they need something they can all do together even though it doesn't really make any sense that they are working together.

Just one kind of content for all these different kinds of guys.

If there was a game that only had different kinds of thieves, then you could have content just for thieves and the priests wouldn't be stuck waiting out on the curb while everybody else went to rob a mansion or whatever.

And the really cool kinds of content for a group of Wizards and the really cool kinds of content for a group of Soldiers (and Archers are a subclass of soldiers, too, just like cavalry is) is totally different, man.

Well, sorta, I mean, there's actually types of content, different from really generic monster-mashing stuff, that would work well for something like a group composed entirely of priests and thieves, like robbing an evil temple or something.

And Wizards might have some fun on a Soldier's battlefield ('least until the archers wised up and put some arrows in their necks heh).

Wizards and priests and thieves and warriors and druids and whatever are all supposed to kinda hate each other.

Or at least be a little suspicious of each other, y'know?

'Cause they all have unshared interests, y'know?

Plus you never know what the hell a Wizard or a Priest or a Thief or a Druid is really up to ahaha.

Y'know, seriously, wouldn't a Priest prefer to work with other Priests, instead of a Thief?

And Wizards are kinda catty, man, I mean, I dunno if they'd even like working together with other Wizards heh.

You kinda need to make a special type of 'em in order to do that kewlie thing where they make a Wizard Ring and combine powers to cast a single spell, 'cause otherwise they'd all be raiding libraries for information and tombs for artifacts and stuff that would give 'em a leg up on all the other Wizards ahaha.

Not that its totally sucky to have a diverse group or anything, or that it's all that annoying when everybody has to wait for the Thief in the group to disable a trap in a Dungeon, 'cause that gives him a moment in the limelight, and that's kinda good, but you could have that same kinda stuff in a game where there was only different kinds of Thieves (like safecrackers and cat burglars and stuff) and all the content was designed specifically for Thieves, y'know?

I'm not saying I'm totally against the monster mashing football team, its a classic, y'know, I'm just saying there's other junk we could be doing, too, like Braveheart Fights for Soldiers and Black Plagues for Priests and Indiana Jones junk for Thieves.


Dirk said...

Reminds me of this anecdote....

Many years ago when I was in high school and playing lots of dnd with my nerd buddies who like coming over to my house to play in the basement cause it was nice and cool and my dad had fixed us up a section of the basement with a table and chairs and stuff for gaming and cause my kid sister was a couple of years younger and she was a hottie, so all my nerd gamer friends dug that.

And one evening we are getting ready to play and my sister comes down to the basement for some reason and the most extroverted of the gamer nerds says "hey, wanna play dnd with us?" and she said sure.

So, they got her set up with a paladin and explain to her what a paladin is and stuff and we start playing and she asks me what my character is. A thief.

So, she says, doesn't that mean I should kill you?

Which of course all my so called buddies thought was some funny shit.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Oh man yah thanks for reminding me of the sisters of the guys I played D&D with holy shnikies.

In a way, the sisters of the guys I played D&D with were sorta like a different class of adventurers that were incompatible with our quest, it was kinda like trying to mix Priests and Thieves or something, y'know?

Clowns and supermodels.

Man just ONE of my buddies had SEVEN sisters that were all older than us who used to do an annual wet t-shirt contest between 'em to see who was the "best" heh.

Didn't play any D&D on those days!

But we could all play Truth or Dare no problem ahaha.

Dirk said...

You're lucky. I'm the only one of my group that had a sister. One guy didn't even have a mother! It was just him and his dad, like Milhouse and his dad on the Simpsons.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Well, you really only need one girl to turn a bunch of chemically dormant guys into a rodeo clown show.

Sucks to be the guy with the sister, though, man.

I'm sure we woulda noticed that bit of energy level disparity unfairness right away and figured out some way to use our story-telling powers to fix things up, D&D was all about making ourselves better con artists, y'know, if you can't apply all those skills to the real world somehow to hook a brother up then there ain't no sense in messing with the shit heh.

Yah actually I was the only guy that didn't have a hot sister circling the table like sharks in a t-shirt with nothing else on, now that I think about it, mebbe that's why I was always the DM, my energy level was way the hell higher than everybody else ahaha.

Gawd everybody thinks they're so complex and mysterious and existential and everything when we're all really just as simple as hell.