Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mad Scientist Disease

My Mad Scientist Disease is not letting me give this user-generated Nailgun Monkey Online thing a rest.

Its not the Art thingie, that's actually a separate disease, that's Doodler Disease or something heh.

Naw, see, Mad Scientist Disease is the thing that wakes me up in the middle of the night with stuff it figured out by using the unconscious parts of my brain that I have it locked away in, stuff it thinks might convince me to start building this gigantic-ass thing it wants me to build.

It even does salespitch crap to me, trying to win me over to its side, but I'll spare you all that "hey buddy we're in this together!" and "aw c'mon buddy you love Linux, Linux is fun!" and "its good to start small" Farmer's Wisdom shit it does to me ahaha.

Its still stuck on that "Build a Monster Manual" thingie, though.

"If you build it, they will come."

"stfu u! need 2 sleep!"

It says that we ought to build a web-front-end that allows people to make their own accounts in a MySQL database.

And a web-front-end that allows folks to add monsters to it.

And something to browse the monster database with.

But that's for "developer" type accounts only, 'cause part of the appeal of Nailgun Monkey Online is that whole idea where you never know what you're gonna get out of it, its the Game Is Like a Box of Chocolates thing, y'know, its supposed to be unpredictable and full of surprises, and the "players" will be randomly browsing the Nailgun Monkey database by playing the game.

Well, sorta randomly, 'cause actually the players will have filters that'll allow them to control what they get out of the database.

And they'll be controlling what sorta junk they get by where they explore, too, 'cause even though everything (even dungeons) might by populated by random-encounter tables, those tables are still organized by level and location (as in Russian or African or Chicago Monsters) and terrain (as in Desert or Jungle or Fresh Water) and stuff.

Well, actually, "player" type accounts need to be able to browse the stuff they've added, in case we want to add drop-downs to make combat more complex or something later on.

Well, if folks are into that, 'cause you can always have a simple "default" for combat statistics and stuff calculated off of the Level of the monster (or whatever there is in the database).

Anyways, my Mad Scientist Disease says that starting out by thinking about what we'd need to do to build the Monster Manual will not only drive us to define a lot of the important infrastructure stuff for the game (like combat and loot and all that), but it'll also allow folks to start being a part of everything, and allow the game to start coming alive on its own.

And so Dundee's Deal about starting out by monkeying around with that Dragon Knight thingie is making a lot more sense.

'Cause you could modify that to access your modified Monster Manual database and actually use that as a test platform to actually play the game (a little).

And everytime you add some new component, like a Weapons and Armor and Whatever-Kinds-of-Loot Database (which would work just like the Monster Manual), you'd just need to monkey around with things a little more to make it "fit."

Man, my Mad Scientist Disease still hasn't come up with any good names for this thing.

Guess I need to get one of my other diseases on that heh.

Y'know, we need a name for the Monster Manual database thingie that won't get us sued, for starters.

And I only like the "Its a World of Hurt Online" gag 'cause of the way its sorta like "World of Warcraft" 'cept its got a funnier abbreviation.

Y'know, its either Wo HO (yah yah "Whoah, Ho!" is actually funny in more than one way) or WHO, depending on how you wanna do it.

I wish I coulda done WOOHOO but daaaaamn that's a lot of O's man ahaha.


Jeffool said...

Totally what I decided I wanted to do with the MUDpit wiki. Though now _I_ have to think of a new name...

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Yah you finally got me to take a look at the wiki stuff.

Wikipedia is programmed in PHP and uses MySQL for its backend (it also uses Mediawiki software which is another GNU/GPL open source thingie).

Which makes it pretty much exactly the same as what that Dragon Knight thing is (its just got its own RPG gamey and Admin elements in the place of the Mediawiki software, basically).

The first free wiki farm I checked out uses all this stuff (which was a ton of useful links for me, the guy over there seems cool as hell).