Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Captain Bob's Parrhty Hut

Is there any game companies on tropical islands?

'Cause that'd be a good place to work, yah?

Some vacation town where everybody you meet is running around in their panties and trying to have a good time?

Its not like you need to live in some crappy place like Texas just to have access to all those 3d artists and stuff, right?

'Cause those guys can telecommute, can't they?

Or do you gotta whip them all day long?

Can't you just sorta virtually whip them all day long from one of those bamboo bars on a beach somewheres?

Or better yet, just make a macro to do it.

And it never made any goddam sense to me that we set up all these tax shelters over there and we don't actually hang out there.

Its a lot fucking better over there, you can swim all day and shit.

Why do we live in the crappy place and have our fake-ass tax shelter shit in a nice place?

It doesn't make any sense.

Are all you guys afraid of sharks or something?

See, I think all that means is that you just ain't had enough to drink yet.

You know, you could probably get your pick of the best guys if you had some mad phat place to work on a beach somewhere.

Or even just the promise of maybe being able to come live at the Beachhouse of Ultimate Badassedness, y'know?

See, you could use that on those poor-ass telecommuting 3d artist guys too, y'know?

Like, "if you ain't good, and you don't do what I want, then you don't get to come to Captain Bob's Parrhty Hut!" *wolf howl*

Shit man, that kinda scam would work on senators.

And once they're out of office and they ain't no more use to you, you ain't gotta be nice to 'em anymore and you can just give 'em the old peg-leg-boot-to-the-ass.

See, you should listen to me, man, I got it all worked out, holmes, I'm like, down with my mad phat bad evil supervillain self chiznit.

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