Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Nailgun Monkey Online Timeline

1. Dundee talked about a web-based RPG game idea he had that would use random pictures from the Internet for the monsters and loot and items and everything, and being what he is, he had actually built a little program that gave a player a random picture for their character based on what character class they picked (the character classes were Monkey, Robot, Pirate, Ninja, Princess, and Fairy, things that were good for Random Pics off Google or whatever, y'know).

2. I thought that was totally cool 'cause it's like turning the entire Internet into a dungeon full of monsters that you could kill with household appliances, so I started thinking about character classes that would look right fighting the Entirely Random Internet, which is where the Nailgun Monkey stuff came from.

3. Dundee immediately changed the whole idea of the thing for me by photoshopping a picture together of an Epic Weapon for my Nailgun Monkey.

4. 'Cause that ain't Random Internet, that's Fark.

5, So that's when I started thinking about organizing the database for User Generated Content, the Monster Manual Idea, on top of the Random Internet thing, 'cause that's actually what Dundee seemed like he really wanted to do.

6. Well, he seemed like he wanted to make something that could do both the Random Internet thing as a Default (which is especially nice when you ain't got any other content), and the user-generated Fark Parallel Universe on top of it (which would populate itself more slowly, but when it finally did become populated enough, you could probably turn the Random Internet thingie underneath it off, and just play with Fark Shit, instead, y'know, if you wanted to, you don't have to).

7. During this whole mess, I was doing drawings (in ghetto-ass Windows Paint no less) while watching TV and stuff, just to see if I could still draw shit, 'cause I ain't drawn anything since long before I was old enough to drink legally, so that was just for fun and it doesn't actually have anything to do with anything, although my cartoons were inspired by the junk I was thinking about, and I'm all strange and powerful and exotic like a bird of paradise and stuff, so it may seem like more than it is heh.

8. Oh and I bugged people to come up with a better name for this thing than Nailgun Monkey Online (there's something multidimensionally funny about NMO when you say it out loud really quick over and over again but its still a godsawful name heh) but I didn't like anything anybody came up with, I mean, even though Jeffool did pretty damn good, the rest of you weren't even trying ahaha.

9. So we're still waiting on that one.

10. Now I'm gonna lay out the User Ratings, Parallel Universe, and Time Travel thingie, 'cause that's fun enough for its own section, I think, and I can't do that in the format of a little list with numbers at the beginning, 'cause it'd get too messy.

11. Mind Reading Robots from the Future attack.

12. Somewhere in the middle of this I was talking about Karaoke on Voicecom and Drinking Mini-games for multiplayer and using Google Earth (or something like it) for a worldmap so folks from all around the world would be able to build fortresses and dungeons in their own Real Life neighborhoods and turn the thing into a Travel and Cooking show (with recipes as loot) and all sorts of other cool crap like that but I don't wanna have to redo all the numbers 'cause that'd be a lot of work ahaha.


Jeffool said...

I've got it! World of Online Online! WOOO!

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

AHAHA dude you really are beating the shit out of everybody else on that front.

Jeffool said...

Eh, this is what happens when you love ideas of potentially epic scope, but completely lack any impetus to act on said ideas. You sit on the sidelines and pitch. It's far easier than doing any real work, and barely harder than just sitting back and consuming, but it's what I do.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Hard work can't always be defeated by intelligence, but it can always be avoided by it.

That's sorta like the e=mc squared Theory of Laziness.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things that'll only show up after you've been digging in the ditch for a while.

So Chaos Theory is on the side of the ditch digger heh.