Thursday, May 8, 2008


So I got all my hair hacked off yesterday.

And I'm all like, clark kent looking now, I can walk amongst the regular people and be mistaken for one of them.

One of the things that kinda bugs me about having short hair instead of long hair (besides the whole thing where you gotta keep getting it cut in order to have the same kinda maintenance free thing you get with long hair) is that I'm used to all the punks and hippy people liking me right off the bat 'cause of how I look, and I'm not used to folks that like the "all american blond-haired blue-eyed everybody's son" kinda guys liking me, but now everything is flipped around, y'know, the punks and hippies don't trust me right off the bat and and the old white X-files guy do.

Which is weird, but no big deal heh.

I actually like having short hair more than I like having long hair, really, 'cause you can just wake up and scratch your hat-holder and be good to go, insteada having to comb the knots out of the shit and tie it back all samurai style all the time.

Plus having better hair than women isn't all that smart of a plan, that's sorta like being a dude that decorates his house too well, or a guy that all the animals and kids like better than everybody else, if you just go around making people jealous of your powers, your powers actually end up kinda working against you, y'know?

That's the problem with being too great, you're actually creating a lot of negative energy fields on accident.

That's just how awesome I am, I have to occasionally hobble myself.

Actually I just didn't wanna end up looking like Bob from Twin Peaks heh.

Plus the Clark Kent Stealth thingie let's you sneak up on people and stick screwdrivers in their necks before they even know what's happening ahaha.


Sundry Chicken said...

I am so getting a kevlar collar with ceramic ablative plates, you and your shiv could be anyone, anywhere, at any time.

And Bob, this is for
you have fun in hell clown-boy.

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Ah you have nothing to worry about, thanks to blasted subsection 13-366-D of the Codex Ultimatomatonomicron which states that any Familiar found willfully and unlawfully screwdrivering the neck of a Wizard, regardless of Lodge Alignment, must be sentenced to a MINIMUM of six hundred Eternities as a Steak and Bean Burrito Dinner Being Indigested by Dennis Hopper.

Well, nothing MUCH to worry about heh heh heh.

They had to put that 366-D one in there because of ME, y'know.

Its not that you wouldn't be worth it, its just that I really can't afford to lose any more Eternities thanks to something that's totally unrelated to the neck screwdrivering thingie.

Six hundred Eternities is nothing, man, frickin' subsection 13-366-E is where those bastards REALLY stuck it to me.

Dirk said...



Your called Old BALD Angus the Monk.

What are you doing with hair on your head?

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Its always been "Bald" as in the OLD meaning of Bald as in "brave" and not "hairless."

Y'know, like Baldur the Brave and the Bald Eagle and shit heh.

And "Ole" as in "Familiar."

But eventually I'll be a skeleton and then it'll all work out to be more and more true over time every which way heh.

Ex-bouncer's always been az bald az Curly from the Three Stooges so assassins will usually think he's me.

Its like that Queen Amadala shit 'cept we ain't all hot and fancy and we got better dialogue ahaha.