Friday, May 9, 2008

The Third Trick

"These human-looking robots totally suck, man."

"Well actually the worst thing about 'em is that they have access to so much processing power and so much information on the way that our human brains work that they can pretty much predict everything that we're gonna do after watching us for a few seconds."

"Yah its like they can read our minds and stuff."

"But how have you guys managed to beat 'em so far?"

"Well, the first trick is to control your thinking, actually."

"Yah, you gotta just like, randomly stop thinking for a sec, and start over in a different direction."

"Yah, you gotta learn to stop and think about stuff that's different from what you would've been thinking about normally."

"It totally fucks up their projections when you do that."

"Hmm, that's weird. But ain't they gonna figure that out eventually? After they study you long enough?"


"I said..."

"Dude I was just kidding heh."


"Anyways that's just the first trick."


"The second trick is to think about doing things that'll make 'em do stupid stuff when they sorta read your mind."

"Yah, like, you think about moving in a certain direction or running away or something, as a feint, so they'll step out of cover to chase you, and then you can change your mind and fry 'em."

"Ah, that's cool."

"But you can only do that trick after you learn how to do the first trick."

"Yah, we used to use that one to tell who was a robot and who was a human, 'cause you could goad the robots into taking actions based on what you were thinking, where a regular human ain't no mind reader."

"Ah I think I get it. But ain't they gonna figure that all out too, eventually?"


"I said..."

"Haha dude I'm just kidding."


"Yah, they probably would figure it out eventually, if it wasn't for the third trick."

"What's the third trick?"


"I said..."


"Dude, they ain't never gonna figure that one out."

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