Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Simple Tricks for Simple Folks

Here's a trick that I do to learn shit.

When you wanna learn something from somebody, get 'em to talk about the shit that they really love.

Not just the shit they say they care about, the shit that they really care about and appreciate and understand.

'Cause that's the only information they got that's worth a damn to you.

Actually, that's the only information on this planet that is worth a damn.

People are stupid about the shit that they hate.

And people are smart about the shit that they love.

Its pretty simple to remember that.

That's why some of your teachers are a bust, and other ones are really great and make you learn all sorts of shit that you don't even really care about, y'know, 'cause they love the shit they're talking about so much that its kinda infectious.

You just gotta get good at steering people the right way to take advantage of that trick.

Its not really all that hard to do 'cause folks usually like talking about the shit they like.

Unless they like is something that's totally fucked up.

Then you're gonna need to take my Advanced Course on "Keeping a Poker Face in Alien Environments" ahaha.

Me and my little brother still joke about this Science Teacher we both had in Junior High that taught us WAY THE FUCK TOO MUCH about Pine Trees, I mean, we know how to make fucking tea out of pine needles and everything, man, this dude really loved Pine Trees heh.

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