Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Name Game

Okay, me and Ex-b are trying to think up names for the Nailgun Monkey Online Game.

Something better than Nailgun Monkey Online.

'Cause me and him are gonna actually start fooling around and trying to build the thing and get it running.

I've been looking at Flash and google maps and he's talking about accessing the database through Flash and all that already (Flash looks nice so far 'cause it seems super portable, I want to eliminate as much of that kinda stuff I possibly can, y'know, I want poor smart kids from all over the world to be able to play the thing and I don' t want them getting hung up on anything).

Anyways the "We Need a Name for the Band" Name Game is always fun to play, especially after it gets rolling for a while and everybody gets frustrated and slap happy 'cause nobody likes anybody else's ideas heh.

But I'm not gonna do the joke about how I should just get the players to come up with it.

Ex-b: How about Project Blueball? Although that's kinda... ewww, weird, y'know, 'cause why is it "ball" instead of "balls?"

Y'know, 'cause we're gonna use google maps and the Blue Ball of the earth is the map for the game.

See this is getting good already ahaha.

And I guess I should add that I'm just going with Dundee's original class and race system, where you can be a Monkey or a Robot or a Princess and all that kinda weird junk.

And the game will involve adventuring around the map of Planet Earth (also known as the Planet of the Apes, if you are a Robot from the Future), old-school rpg style (well, a little better than entirely old-school rpg, I mean, I can prolly do it a little smoother and cooler looking than UO was heh), with chat zones and random wilderness encounters based on geographic area.

With planes (and airports as "dungeons") trains, automobiles (post-apocalyptic recreational vehicles for the ultimate in group travel), motorcycles, boats (explorable luxury liners, even), stagecoaches, and (of course) helicopters ('cause that's all cheap as hell to do in Flash or whatever I gotta use).

And it'll involve Time Travel ('cause you can easily filter content to the "age" it belongs to) and Parallel Universes ('cause you can sort the Earth's content by themes), and it can even have totally made-up geographical crap like Atlantis and Underwater Supervillain Bases and even Spacestations and stuff in it.

The Moon and Mars maps will be the first two Expansion Packs heh.

So its a... well, if you could say what it was, you would prolly have a good name for it.


Bonedead said...

Quantum Leap, budday

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

"Advanced Dungeons & Dundee's Stolen Idea Online" has a certain ring to it ahaha.

Jeffool said...

YouRogue? "The World is Your Dungeon."

MMYou / MMU / MMOYou?

FlashQuest? ( is open.)

Jeffool said...

Hey, did you snag I was actually thinking about doing it, but apparently someone snagged it. No big deal though. Ah well.

(Would've emailed you, but, no email anywhere.)

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Naw wasn't me.