Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Groin Shot Is a Maybe, Baby

Yah see here's a Flash Google Earth (and other cool stuff) thingie that's totally kickass.

Think of something like that as the world map in Fallout or UO.

With thumbtacks for dungeons and points of interest and player houses and auction houses and whatever-the-hell.

And an overlay that breaks up everything into "areas" or "zones" that'll let you localize chat and do random wilderness encounters and loot selection type crap based on area.

And then dungeons (and building interiors) would be a separate and instanced thing from that.

So I need to make me some kinda cheesy build-your-own-dungeons-n-interiors thingie too.


Its bad enough that I gotta draw me some crappy little animated Monkey and Robot player icons.

With splatty death animations and everything ugh that sucks.

And vehicles too ugh man that sucks.

You can still add your own vehicles to the game with pictures and descriptions and stuff as a player but I don't think there's an easy way to steal that animated icon stuff and get away with it.

Unless I don't do 'em animated.

But that'd take some of the old-school rpg feel out of the thing fer sure man.

Ugh I gotta do animated icons for something to represent monsters too oh man this is really starting to suck ahaha.

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