Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Time Traveller's Birthday Party

Its the day before my birthday.

Yah I don't really know how old I am, I'm a Time Traveller, y'know.

And even if I wasn't so old that I'd need a calculator to figure it out, birthdays and stuff like that tend to get totally messed up if you don't remember to bring a watch with a Calendar on it everywhere you go.

And one of the few things you really can't do is go back in time and make yourself remember to put on your watch heh.

Anyways, its no big deal, 'cause I went to my birthday party two weeks ago, even though its tomorrow.

Well, there's no sense in waiting, y'know?

Plus you might not like what you get for presents, and then you're gonna need to go back in time and fix things so you'll get better ones and stuff.

Actually I knew a long time ago what I was gonna get, 'cause I went and got all the presents from all my future birthday parties ahead of time, and fixed each of my future birthday presents up.

Before I realized that I could just fix one birthday over and over again to get different stuff every time.

Yah, well, that's not as great as it sounds, 'cause your tastes change over the years, and I don't really want all the crap my past self hooked me up with anymore, that guy was from the 80s.

What the hell am I gonna do with another pair of white reeboks, y'know?

Might as well switch to a younger pair of the cowboy boots I've already got on, though, these are getting kinda raggedy-looking.

And I guess I could go back in time and pick me up a fresh pack of these smokes I got from before I smoked half of 'em, y'know, do something nice for myself like that.

Its those little things that count.

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