Saturday, May 17, 2008

User Generated Everything

Dundee's got an awesome new game design thingie over here.

That Chumbawumba thingie makes me think about how there's all sorts of advanced multiplayer stuff that nobody ever even thinks about, man, like a "Just Blame Raph Koster Drinking Mini-Game" and making people sing Karaoke songs (with those bouncing ball videos) on Voicecom to get out of "Meta-Jail" for rolling a six three times in a row (and every time you roll a six you gotta take a drink and roll again).

See, you could record that Karaoke shit of theirs and whatever else you made 'em say to "get special stuff" in the game and then you could use that for future content like player-created expansion packs ahaha.

Something like Kenny Rogers the Gambler would be good for that, although I was actually remembering a drinking game I played where the whole table had to sing E-N-C-Y-C-L-O-P-E-D-I-A at somebody to make 'em draw a card or take a drink or something.

Yah I was too drunk at the time to remember the name of the game and the rest of the rules (I ain't even really all that sure that it was a card game heh) except for that part where we all had to sing E-N-C-Y-C-L-O-P-E-D-I-A to make something bad happen to somebody 'cause that was fun as hell ahaha.

And the monkey with a nail-gun game really needs some Neil Diamond or Islands in the Stream (for multiplayer Karaoke sing-a-longs) or something absosmashingly hairy-chested and ballsy like that innit.

Oh yeah you definitely need to figure out a game design that'll get the players to create this entire game for us, man, so we can just play it and season it with Dolly Parton stuff wherever we think it needs it.

And we should get them damn players to design some kinda awesome new business model and microtransactional payment system that they can use to pay us with, too, y'know, while we're at it, so we can start "phoning it in" from the beach resort on a tropical island somewhere.

There's gotta be SOME kinda awesome game design-type thing you could do to make it FUN for them design their own "new and exciting ways" to pay us for coming up with a system that allowed them to design their own "new and exciting ways" to pay us.

Oh man I got it.

The first few people to "win the game" by building the entire game and developing the kickass cutting edge microtransactional payment system will get to come to the beachhouse and work for us, it'll be all Willy Wonka Golden Ticket and shit like that, totally, man.

I erased all the "hehs" and "ahahas" from the end of this one just 'cause it makes it seem almost scary that way ahaha.

Don't it?

Reminds me of my Bullshit Online thingie or the way that I think that the real reason the Game Industry is full of miserable shits in this particular Parallel Universe is 'cause everybody good gets invited to some kinda magically delicious tropical island by some sorta Doctor Evil Supervillain Guy and so they never make another game 'cause they're too damn drunk and happy and stuffed with magical mushrooms or something to bother with all that crap heh.

Dude, what we need to do is get in the Mystery Van and go on a quest to rescue the Brad McQuaid so we can Prove Our Quality and get an invite ahaha.


Jeff Freeman said...

"Yah I was too drunk at the time to remember the name of the game and the rest of the rules (I ain't even really all that sure that it was a card game heh)"

Heh. I was just thinking, "That might not have been a game at all." Just you, drunk, singing at the table, telling people "Ha! You have to drink!" at random (to them) intervals.

The idea for having users supply the content for that game was just like, instead of showing people your Disney World vacation photos - you could make 'em FIGHT your Disney World vacation photos.

I don't really mean it as a cop-out to making the game myself, but I just think it'd be more fun for the players if they could make quests for their friends to do - funny pics they find elsewhere, or whatever.

I mean, there's still a whole bunch of game design and implementation that has to happen in order for the above to even be possible.

But I am overly impressed with how Nation States began with 30 text blurbs, and every drop of content after that has come from players, and even the decision making process for what makes it in versus what goes in the round-file is all player driven.

Brilliant idea on the Karaoke thing... It'd be as easy to use user-generated embedded youtube clips as it'd be to use images.

All I can say to that idea is "ahaha!"


Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Yah you know how we gotta add a little something-something so that the dude that steals our ideas realizes that he needs us to pull it off in style (heh), 'cause otherwise that bastard will just run off to the tropical island and forget all about us.

It's that "Tropical islands are great and everything but they're not as great as they could be without us as drinking buddies and stuff" deal, y'know, I'm just trying to make sure we get that in there before that bird flies the coop.

Of course, we're gonna have to quit writing stuff on the interenet at some point or he'll be able to amuse himself reading our webpage thingies (even though those are just pale two-dimensional snapshots of our raw and boundless eleven-dimensional entertainment powers) from the comfort of his tropical island fortress while me and you are stuck looking for stuff to eat in dumpsters and crap.

I dunno whether I'm serious or not anymore but that game idea of yours is actually about the most awesome thing I've heard anybody come up with in like ten years, man, I dunno how you could make something that was MORE of a collaborative art game than that, its like, everything in the entire universe pulled together in a fist of comedy or something, where everybody is a player and a contributer and a collaborater.

And my sneaky evil contribution with that business model thingie isn't actually as sneaky and evil as it looks, that's actually the best way to do things, that's survival of the fittest all the way, baby.

'Cept for that part where I'm taking all the venture capital risk and responsibility out of it heh.

But that just might be the next step in the evolution of business ahaha.

Plus I could argue whether I'm really doing anything different there than I would be doing if I had to do the Steve Jobs going door to door and looking for potential investors that I could convince.

Plus it gets rid of the middlemen, man, and everything you'd have to pay 'em, its a potentially Player Run Everything, and its cheap, and the original game designer end of it could sorta be refined down to something that's got a lot of similarities with making the books and rules for D&D, in a way.

Hmmm, this is starting to smell a little bit like Raph Koster to me, man.

Okay, if we DO do something, we gotta remember to bring him down to the tropical island with us, too, its only fair heh.

But YOUR thing is like an EVE Online One World Version of Raph's stuff where everybody matters and everything is getting brought together insteada isolated into their own little boxes.

'Course you could even have player-designed "themes" and filters and stuff for your game too, for folks who don't want any tentacle porn and Creepy King stuff getting in there.

Although the Creepy King IS a pretty good King for a Monkey With a Nail-Gun roleplaying game.

Dude see, I am ALL ABOUT capturing all the energy from the players on the hamster wheels and making sure that none of the animal goes to waste heh.