Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mozarts and Ludwig Vans

In my mind, I have things separated into Mozarts and Ludwig Vans.

Where the Ludwig Vans wrestle the things they want from the universe through perseverance and hard work, and they keep hammering at their anvils and grinding out their music even long after they have gone deaf to it.

And Mozarts are the ones that watch the universe and wield those aspects of the universe that they approve of in order to add value to them and reinforce them and make them more powerful in order to ensure that a certain effect takes place.

I don't think either is better than the other, I think both are good, there are musicians who master music in a technical way that produce works just as great as the musicians who just wield whatever is necessary to produce something that everybody can dance to and enjoy.

And there's a part of me that says it would be really great if those two kinds of musicians could work together, but that's Mozart Thinking, the Wielder of Forces type stuff, you know, where Ludwig Vans are just another Force to Wield, that's not the Ludwig Van kinda thinking, who are the Creators of Forces.

Where the Mozarts take pride in the Art of the Wielding of Forces, without ownership of the Forces, the Ludwig Vans take pride in the art of Creation and ownership of the Forces they created.

Which, to be fair, would not have existed without a lot of hard work and effort on the part of the Ludwig Vans.

But its hard for a Mozart to see things that way, since, once things are created and put into motion, they become a part of the universe, and something that should be Watched and Wielded.

A lack of appreciation on either side would just slow the two kinds of musicians down, and wherever two guys work together to do something, instead of creating things on their own, they either need to create something twice as valuable in the same amount of time as they could've created on their own, or twice as many things of value in the same amount of time as they could've created on their own, just to come out even, in the end.

So I'm not sure that the two guys ought to work together.

And both the Mozarts and the Ludwig Vans are just as self-destructive as the other, in the extreme cases.

But its only the Mozarts that know that while the man who goes with the flow is carried downstream, and eventually over a waterfall, the man who fights the river is almost always torn apart.

So maybe those two forces could work together for mutal benefit.

But could it be done without moderation, where both the Ludwig Vans and the Mozarts could operate at 100% capacity?

I dunno.

Maybe you need a third kinda guy.

Somebody who could Weave the work of the Creators and the Wielders together.

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