Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Character Possessions

How about a MMOG where you had a large cast of characters.

Where they were always in the game world.

And you could bounce around between 'em and decide to take control of any them individually any time you wanted to.

Like the way a demon possesses a guy, the player would be like a spirit that takes control of his characters and watches over them.

But they'd be able to follow orders and do things on their own, too, y'know, like march in formation and all that crap our men did in Mount&Blade, or they could mine for ore and chop wood and do blacksmithy and research in libraries like Peons and stuff from the Original Warcraft (so that you didn't have to do that junk if you didn't want to).

They're your characters, though, I'm not talking about making some kinda ghastly Exorcist Simulation, just a different kind of character control system and player perspective than the usual deal in MMOGs.

Like a pirate ship where you could jump from body to body as your dudes died fighting a sea serpent, and everybody on the ship was yours to control.

Or a marching army, where you could bounce around between your men, leading a charge of cavalry into an enemy's flank and then zipping over to one of your archers to pick off a wizard or something.

Or maybe you could share your group of characters with your buddy who didn't play so much, so he could help you fight the sea serpent and come along on the boat adventure or whatever, even though he showed up a little late.

Or how about you could trade him some of your more developed characters to bring him up to speed, and he could trade you some of his crappier ones so you could fix them up (and whenever he showed up late for the adventure he could play those losers of his ahaha).

Or how about you could sorta just loan characters to your buddy, and they'd apprentice themselves to one of his characters so they could learn to be swordsmen or blacksmiths or whatever your buddy's characters had as an expertise.

Or how about schools that you could send your characters away to.

Or schools that you could create and run that other player "spirits" could send some of their characters to.

And you could jump to the character you had in that school to see what was going on over there, Harry Potter type shit.

And how about your "cast of characters" wasn't just one family, but a couple of 'em, so you could have them specialize in different things, and the Farmer Family would make food for everybody, and the Blacksmith Family woud gradually develop some talent for Blacksmithy over the generations, and the Swordsman Family would blah blah blah, and the Booksmart Family would eventually pop out a few Wizards.

See, that way you wouldn't have to micromanage all gory baby making bits.

Although I know some of you little oinkers are totally into that Sims stuff heh.

"OMG they're DOING IT!" ahaha.

So on one level, there's some Character Advancement.

And then there's some Family Advancement.

And then there's prolly even some Spirit Advancement (or whatever the heck the player is called).

Yah yah, I gotta think of some less creepy imagery than this player is a "spirit" that "possesses" people stuff, but you get my drift.

Maybe I should have made the player the Ancestral Spirit of the Family or something, and just have it be one family with multiple divisions that start to specialize in different things as the family grows.

'Cause there's always the occasional Wizard born to a Family of Blacksmiths, Ugly Duckling Style, poor guy heh.

Hmm, "Ancestral Spirit" isn't much better than "Spirit" ahaha.

Bah whatever, you guys suck AHAHA.

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