Saturday, March 10, 2007

We Got Color TV

Weclome to Southpark, Holmes.

And check out my Killer Sox Fan outfit, aw hellyah, south siyeeeede, I run around punchin' hookers lookin' like that.

I had a dude in a Packers coat but I won't support that kinda behavior with a screenshot.

I'm not cheating or anything on the graphics, y'know, its whatever it auto-detected, only thing I changed was the resolution (I'm using 1280x1024), this is exactly what I see when I play the game, its all fuzzy and laminated and everything heh.

The city is way bigger than the box-junk in CoH, I hardly ever know where I am unless I check the Big Map, its feels a LOT like wandering around in Chicago heh.

And now that I got Super Jump its pretty easy to move around ('cause it lets you zoom WAY out and pick a place to jump to, like the tops of thirty-story buildings and stuff, so you suddenly get to see the whole city from high above and it makes it a lot harder to get lost) but I spent the first ten levels running around like a lost puppy through the endless mazes of dirty streets and alleys and overpasses on the ground following mission waypoints (you can actually shimmy up the drain-pipes and ladders on the sides of buildings, so you aren't really stuck on the ground, but that'd be super slow going without Super Jump and you'll die if you try to jump off a building without it).
Anyways I think the game is unpopular because it doesn't have Corncob Pipes that you can toot like Popeye the Sailor when you get pissed off.


The Lost Ranger said...


oh damn, the disk slipped into the drive

Ole Bald Angus the Monk said...

Man, I wish I had some buddies as brave as the Lost Ranger who'd volunteer for perilous missions full of serious disco-karate-chop cartoon action such as this, but all MY buddies are busy pretending to be busy with the important business of important business.

"Dude I really need to keep an eye on this skill training itself in EVE."

"Dude I really need to learn math so I can get a job doing math for people who hate math."

"Dude I can't find my pants but as soon as I do, I'll go out and buy a computer."

I guess the Earth doesn't have to worry that we're going to be taking over any time soon ahaha.