Friday, March 2, 2007

Matrix Online Fan Movies

Just to be fair, there's some Matrix Online fan movies that show off some pretty kickass Super Jumping Kungfu Nintendo Wrestling stuff.

Angels of Something Or Other

Cool Agent Smith Guy

Bullet Time

There's a lot of other ones on youtube that start out really slow and boring and dramatic and didn't get down to the hot crotch-punching super-jumping action fast enough fer me not to move along to the next one, and there's a bunch of other ones that are too long and make no sense, and there's some that have a lot of not-so-hot crotch punching action that make the game look absolutely frickin' terrible, so I didn't include those on purpose 'cause I'm all evil and I just wanna trick my friends into playing so we can Nintendo Wrestle each other in the newbie yard for a month and quit or whatever.

Oh and there's...

MxO Girls Gone Wild

...which explains some things that I'm sure some of you have been wondering about ahaha.

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