Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Old Ones

We all decided to storm heaven one day and give the gods a piece of our mind.

But when our angry mob finally got there, all we found was a scared and lonely little girl in a ragged summer dress, surrounded by a cold sort of everlasting light that didn't give Her any place to hide.

I dunno who we're supposed to yell at now, but I ain't gonna yell at no little girl.

Keep your voice down, She's half-dead from exposure and She doesn't even understand what we're talking about anyways.

I'd say the Kid was neglected but bruises like that don't appear by themselves so she's must have had somebody's attention.

Maybe it was somebody who came before us.

Ugh, I feel like a shit.

Man, She's probably starving too.

What the hell do you suppose She'd eat?

Regular food?

Can we even bring regular food up here?

Whew, man, this is so messed up.

Why does it always have to be like this?

Why can't anything be regular?

And who am I talking to, anyways, ain't like that little girl is gonna answer my questions.

Man, this is so messed up!

Sheesh, I dunno, She probably made us all on accident or something.

She probably thinks we're like demons She accidentally summoned or something, lookit Her eyes, She's frickin' terrified of us, its like She's never seen an adult before, or if She has, it definitely wasn't a good experience.

Man, I dunno, maybe we were never supposed to hang around and get this old, maybe She made children in Her image, so She'd have somebody to play with, and here we're like some scary kinda rotten mutant fruit to Her.

Aw frick, now She's frickin' crying, stop lookin' at Her like that, you're freakin' the poor Kid out.

Well, we can't just leave Her here, we're gonna have to bring Her with us and take care of Her or something.

Damned if I know!

I don't know anything about kids!

Well I do know that somebody needs to go and get a frickin' blanket or something already, this Kid is freezing.

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