Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I Like Candy Beer and Brandy

Me and Ex-bouncer got all smashed yesterday on beer and brandy and we talked about all sorts of awesome stuff, but I can't hardly remember all the little pieces, let alone put them all together into one big picture.

I know we talked about the human timeline, and how quickly things are always changing, and how the length of an average lifespan can see so many drastic changes in thinking nowadays, y'know, like, the stuff we think humans have known about forever and the stuff we think will stick around forever in the future is mostly from the last fifty years, and its pretty funny to think about some guy from a hundred years ago trying to imagine the stuff going on right now, even thought there are people who are still alive from back then.

We're still in an age where the Leave It To Beaver Ideals are pretty popular, mostly, but I think it only has about forty years left.

And we talked about motivations, and how we didn't give two shits about what most people seem to care about.

And we talked about how hard it is to get smart people to work together, like herding cats, and how a lone smart guy will always be defeated by a group of smart guys working together, heck, there's certain things a lone smart guy just can't get past, where he'd even be passed up by a group of stupid people working together, I mean, that's why the mob is driving around in fancy cars laughing their asses off and dressed better than you are heh.

And we talked about how much we hate working hard on shit anyways, I mean, seriously, I'm a gypsy, I prefer to find ways to avoid working hard on shit, I don't wanna do anything great or be famous or anything, I don't need to "find myself" or have a successful career, my brain doesn't even care what kind of loser I am, as long I'm having fun and experiencing new stuff and it don't totally go against my basic animal programming.

We talked about how smart people seem to think they should be all cold and cruel and calculating and work together like wolves, y'know, that Neo You Are the One Alpha Male shit and everything, but that's stupid, 'cause we ain't wolves, we're fucking monkeys, and monkeys eat fruit and swing from ropes and fix each other's hair and make each other laugh, monkeys are so much fucking better than wolves ahaha.

Yah, seriously, the wolves are in some deep shit nowadays, the only reason there are even any wolves left at all is 'cause the monkeys take care of them and protect them, monkeys feel guilty about kicking all the other animal's asses so hard, even though we didn't even do it on purpose.

Fuck wolves, man.

And we talked about great women, and shitty women, and good and evil, and getting old, and the World Economy, and the bullshit foundation of Politics, and how we're glad that our brothers had kids first instead of us, and a bunch of other stuff like that, y'know, Top Secret tactical stuff I can't share with you because it would cramp our style if everybody started doing it the way we do it heh.

But I do have to say that ugly charismatic guys like us are goddam thankful for the fact that women don't seem to operate on the same level that men do, thanks in no small part to Sean Connery or something, or we'd never get laid ahaha.

And we talked about our eventual destination, like, should we try to make an awesome post-apocalypse game, should we buy a farm and run a Playstation Monkey Commune, should we build a nature preserve and resort, should we shoot for a tropical island, or should we just travel around the world and touch all the ancient ruins and solve mysteries and search for lonely rich women and find a nice mansion to play playstation at?

We could do a Big Lebowski comedy version of the X-files, where we travel around with a camera and pretend to believe in aliens and ghosts and stuff to get hillbilly people to tell us their crazy ass shit.

You gotta have a destination, y'know, even if the fun is all in the journey and you never really even wanna get there.

Well I know I don't wanna sweat my ass off working on no tractors in the rain, I can't fool myself at all, let alone fool myself into enjoying the invisible fruit of honest labor and a job well done, although I do like bacon and eggs, holy shit, pancakes are fucking awesome.

And I know I definitely don't wanna make no game, I'd feel guilty for wasting all the energy of the guys that had to make all the rats, snakes, and spider models that most people would never even see because of some stupid-ass know-it-all game design thing that I did.

And I don't really wanna be stuck at no Playstation Manor, but perhaps if there was a great number of Playstation Manors, that we could all travel around between, then it wouldn't be so bad.

Whatever, as long as there's a bakery that makes coffee cake and donuts wherever we end up, I'll be all good.

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