Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Eating Red Pills Like Candy

In other news, Ex-bouncer and me were playing the Matrix Online yesterday for the first time together, and he likes it, and its not just because it doesn't have any elves, but he did mention that as a positive point.

Running around in Killer Sox Fan Outfits and hosing people down with submachine guns and kungfu and looting houses is pretty frickin' fun, and all the computer-nerd glorifying stuff going on in the background doesn't hurt, and the way its got all different kinds of cool buildings with tons of details and no skimping on the architecture inside and stuff is definitely a bonus.

Still haven't convinced him to make a submachine gun chick in her underpants and cowboy boots, but I'm working on it.

Need to get that Fox Force Five thing going, man, asses in seats, Hot Chick Bodies with the minds and voices of the Blues Brothers and the dudes from the Big Lebowski or something, I'm tellin' you that's a comedic and economic goldmine, baby.

We can be all impossible and horrible on voicecom, and then cover our mouths and giggle teehee and pretend we can't type good just like my stalker while we collect money and gifts from all those pitiful cybersex freaks in the game, and then we can turn around and buy all the cheap and awesome chick stuff off the auction house.

It'd definitely be Rated R, though.

Yah, just like the European Gigolo, there's just way too many damn jokes!

I can't even say 'em on the internet anymore it's too innocent or something ahaha.

And we done the Southside Chicago Sausage Bruiser Edition of the Silent Bob and Jay Thing to death already anyways.

Frickin' New Jersey, gimme a break, man, what the hell is that, its like Rockford, Illinois or something, they still think Bon Jovi and Big Hair is cool over there.

Yah, they are only about two years worse than Austin, Texas heh.

Well, even if we don't do it, mebbe me just blabbering about it will make other people do it, and then there'll be more hobo-ass guy stuff for us to buy on the auction house ahaha.

Yah, I dunno why they didn't just let fat hyper-jumping male characters wear those spandex and latex Matrix Vixen cat-woman jumpsuits either, that's pure comedy gold they just tossed aside like it was a lump of coal or something, man.

"Hey Frank, you can't see my nipples in this thing, right?"

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