Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Mister Anderson

I mighta convinced Ex-bouncer to play the Matrix.

But at this point, after having checked it out, I'll be just as happy if we don't play it.

I mean, we know its gonna suck, even Ex-bouncer was saying that we're basically gonna be going in there and stumbling around laughing until we hit the part that made it so unpopular.

"Ah HAH! So that's why everybody hates this game!"

I'm just worried we're gonna hit that part like five seconds after paying for it and downloading the damn thing ahaha.

Still, there's a part of my brain that says, "it might be kinda awesome, hardly anyone tried it, nobody you know tried it, so how can you be sure its gonna suck? What if its way more fun that it looks, like Autoassault was? That game was at least a solid month of fun, totally worth it, even if it wasn't any long-term kinda thing, and who cares about long-term shit anyways? And the Matrix has got the closest thing to Nintendo Wrestling, and Super Jump..."

And Ex-bouncer is saying the same thing.

And we played some pretty frickin' terrible games in the past, I mean, at least this thing has AO/CoH-style missions, and those are pretty fun as long as you ain't doing it alone, I mean, they beat the hell out of those bughunt mission booths from SWG, and we did tons of that horrible shit before the quest stuff in the NGE came out, shit man, that game didn't even have loot when we first played it, so how could this be any worse than that?

Mmm, I dunno, I'm just waiting to hear if Ex-bouncer started downloading it, 'cause that means we're going in.


Biby Cletus said...

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W.Churchill said...

yes, keep up the good work Angus, hitch yer wagon to a star.

Meh yeah, something like Matrix online could only be fun if you got friends going in there with you. But even then, sometimes that only lasts for about a week if the game is really shitty