Monday, March 12, 2007

Meat Hook

Now that Sony's Station Access Pass went up to thirty bucks or whatever, I wonder how the folks that play Everquest 2 are doing.

Y'know, 'cause they needed Station Access Pass to have ten characters on their accounts instead of five or whatever, it wasn't just about playing more than one of Sony's MMOs (which is nuthouse-crazy anyways, I can't hardly stand to play one game and my buddies are even less interested in Time & Suffering MMOs than I am) for them.

And the alternative is to buy another account, and then pay to move your five characters over or something, I guess, I dunno, I'm not interested enough to actually look it up and figger it out and shit heh.

Sony has a history of nickle and diming people to death with that negative energy kinda stuff.

I don't really blame them for doing this Station Access thing, 'cause they were actually running games for like three-quarters of the income of everybody else, if a player actually played more than one game, which was everybody except the guys who just used it for more characters in Everquest 2.

And even with the Station Access Pass increase, if a player plays more than two games (hahaha SAYWHAT?!) they're still trying to run games for cheaper than everybody else.

But even so, do you think people are gonna be all understanding about it?

Do you really think this is gonna be perceived as some sort of positive thing?

Hell no, man, what're you new?

I know I sorta get a feeling of dread when I have to play a game that's run by Sony even for the Regular Price Without Extras, I've been like that ever since I quit Everquest the first time, and it didn't ever get better, it always gets worse every time I play one of their games and quit.

I mean, compare it to NCSoft, the Happy Guys who brought us the simple pleasure of Super Jump and the Mutant Car Game, I got no negative vibe there, 'cause those guys never did nothing to me that I can remember.

Yah, don't compare it to Mythic, I still hate that one guy, whatever his name is, he's a smarmy knob, the name Mythic attached to anything stirs hostility inside me, I'm so pissed at the guys who own Warmhammer I've decided to pretend that they copied everything off WoW when the time comes ahaha.

Anyways, if I was Sony, and I wanted to make more money, which it seems like Sony likes to do, I'd quit nickle and diming people to death, I'd get RID of the Station Access pass, and I'd set up shell companies to run all their games with names like Meat Hook Online Entertainment and stuff, so people would never see the name Sony on anything, and each game would be separated and contain its own nuclear fallout when folks get fed up with it (or whatever), and it wouldn't infect all the other games run by the same company, or any future offerings.

Well I don't think it's helping to have the name SOE all over the place, the way they think it is, shit man, I don't think the SOE name brand thing ever evoked a positive response in me, I still blame it for all the shit that happened to me in Everquest, and SWG, and Everquest 2, and I'll probably blame SOE for whatever I hate in the Matrix Online eventually, the name SOE is a lot like a Giant Negative Energy Collector when you think about it.

Oh sure, it doesn't matter to the new suckers being born every minute, but once they get burned the first time trying one of your games, they immediately join the ranks of the Old He-man Sony-Hater Club, and then what about the next game you want them to play?

Back in the old days, when there wasn't any competition, you could get away with not caring about that negative energy stuff, 'cause you were the Only Game In Town.

But I think you gotta start wondering if its finally starting to bite you in the ass right about now heh.

They gotta be thinking about it by now, even if they are amatuer-hour Ex-Gamer Game Industry Business Guys who don't have paychecks big enough to attract any real corporate sharks into the mix.

Meat Hook Online Entertainment, c'mon, you know that's some good shiznit ahaha.

I'm doin' you a solid there, holmes.

Yah, well, you can only play the Devil You Know card if the other gaming companies start acting all diabolical and shit too, but so far they ain't doing it, y'know, so that's right out, yer the only greedy looking bad guy around.

Hey, the Devil You Know Games is a good shell company name too heh.

With a cute little cartoon devil for a mascot, aw hellyah.

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