Saturday, November 3, 2007

Echo Echo Echo

We should do some kinda Internet Radio Thing.

Like, use Ventrillo for it or something, I dunno.

The only hard part is finding somebody sober enough to man the switchboard-operator position and let "callers" through right?

I don't care if its somebody else's Radio Show either as long as we can all barge in there.

Well who cares if its stupid let's just do it anyways.

Dude Winst and Madjack and those guys had a good sound system when we were hanging out with them but they got a lot of british guys on there so that kinda sucks y'know ahaha.

Yah, even though Madjack tried to keep them all segregated at my request a few of 'em still got through 'member it was awful I couldn't understand a word they were saying AHAHA.

Oh I'm just kidding y'know I love brits that Lord of the Rings movie was really top notch ahaha.

Man we could even pretend that Soccerman was there 'cause he never says anything that anybody can hear anyways.

C'mon Ex-B and Big Tuna are so much better with their Joliet Jake accents fully restored and remastered ahaha.

We can even listen to Ex-B's wife yell at him!

Shit man she went to some kinda School of Broadcasting or something didn't she?

Linst would be awesome if he'd do it, y'know, he was the one doing the Say Friend Plastic Man Radio Announcer Voice when we were all kids, he taught me all about how you can't have any Radio Silence and shit or people think a nuke went off ahaha.

Oh c'mon man we could even have Red Headed Stepchild's band on there (we'll get the band back together! Ahaha) and get Raph Koster to play us one of his love songs and then we could pretend to smash him over the head with his acoustic guitar with sound effects.

Haha man you know what we need is a sound effects machine that can do crowds laughing and that "eee-oooo" foghorn noise ahaha.


I'm not talking about signing a contract or anything I'm just talking about something I can do while I kick back and watch Turner Classic Movies and think about how I should write up one of my patented magic spells that makes 'em to put the Old Guy Back in the Bomb Shelter 'cause I was just kidding with that other thing I wrote that they should do and then they went ahead and did it so now I want 'em to change it back ahaha.

Who is this New Guy?

Is he supposed to be the Old Guy's Number One or something?

Man why'd they have to make everything so complicated ahaha.

I'm glad the Old Guy got to meet Danny Devito though looks like he had some fun on his vacation now put him back in the Movie Vault Bomb Shelter and take the rest of these people out back and do 'em like that guy from Vanguard would do 'em.

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