Sunday, November 25, 2007


"Hey, what's going on, why are all these folks out of cryosleep?"

"The ship's self-preservation routines kicked in and locked us all out of the control system."

"So its taking us back home?"



"So can you log in and take over?"

"Hell no, I've been locked out ever since I scratched the damn paint while docking at Antares 641. Stupid ass ship is never gonna forgive me."


"Is there some way to override the self preservation routines?"

"Not without a pilot who doesn't suck worse the AI does."

"Oh man, so one of us is going to have interface with the Training System and get our license re-instated again?"


"And that's why you woke me up? Shit."


"You bastards, I was in the middle of a kickass dream, we were about to camp the throne room."

"Hey, don't gimme any of that, I had to do it last time."

"Dude, I dunno if my brain can handle anymore of these freaking rewrites! I ain't got hardly any feeling in my hands anymore!"

"Oh quit yer whining, beotch."

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