Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Mothman

I think the mothman is a great horned owl.

You ever seen a great horned owl sitting on a fence?

They're freaky, they have human-sized heads and shoulders and eyes that never move.

In real life I've only seen them at twilight when there is no color so that makes them spookier to me they're just big black batman shapes with eyes they give you a heart attack when they move.

I could totally see people running indoors if one of those things landed on their backyard fence these things are huge they're like the size of a man without the legs and they got huge wings.

You definitely wouldn't want one or two of them chasing you around.

Only thing is the Red Eyes, they don't have Red Eyes, they got Glowing Yellow Eyes, right?

Yah see that's the only weird thing.

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