Monday, November 12, 2007

Smoke Break

Have you seen the pilot on this boat?


But pilots can get away with that crazy shit.

Oh they keep him frozen most of the time don't worry the computer only wakes him up for landings the automatic pilot can't handle, like frontier planets with no sats and heavy cloud cover and stuff like that.

Trust me its better if we don't ask him to help us load up.

So you been with us a while if you seen the pilot.

Ah yah.

Hey I just work here man I don't pick the planets we do.

Yah I'm just a Terraformer Mechanic I've been down here keeping the Susan Sarandon running from the inside for the last twenty years.

Yah I sleep through most of it.

Oh no I do go out sometimes, heck, we're the first ones out there once the readings say Susie has cleared us some space.

Yah, y'know, the crime rate skyrockets as soon as folks can walk around on the surface of the planet so you got to keep an eye out.

But when you are the first one out there its like the only crime there is is whatever you bring with you.

Its pretty cool.

Although the Susie is an old rig and she tends to terraform stuff a little high on the PH side.

Hey, saves me credits on haircuts, right?

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