Saturday, November 3, 2007

Just Gonna Sit Here

Man I'm supposed to go to my brother's wife's birthday party in a couple hours but I don't wanna go y'know I'm still just barely coming out of Mad Scientist Mode.

I know it'd be easiest for me in the long run to just go through the motions, y'know, Put On the Happy Face and Do the Voice and stuff but I'm still trying to think up ways to do the phone call to get myself out of it and what kind of promises I would have to make to pull that off heh.

And it don't really matter if I'm there or not y'know, 'cause really there's like fifty people at these things, but the women in the family says it matters, and if I don't show up then they'll "start to worry about me" and shit like that and then I'm really in trouble 'cause I've landed myself on the Telephone Gossip Radar.

And the guys won't help because they'll be mad that THEY had to go to the Pony Show and stand around like a jackass when I DIDN'T so there's no quarter there ahaha.

Yah I just don't feel like it.

Sometimes you just don't feel like it.

Other times playing with their kids and eating barbecue sounds great.

But not this time.

And I really don't care about all the women jibber-jabber they always find a new target if you just keep playing dead ahaha.

I suppose I should add that I already used the "I'm sick" excuse LAST weekend to get out of the Halloween Junk so that's why I'm wondering if its gonna be strong enough to hold up two weeks in a row and shit AHAHA.

Well I got a good real excuse for that Halloween one, it was horrible, man, see, they invited my stepdad's mom, and she's really great and everything but she's in her nineties and so she's always acting like its the last time she's ever gonna see you and it gets depressing and I just didn't wanna go to some kinda creepy Halloween Pre Funeral Party.

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