Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Boy and His Dog

Y'know how they say that the filming of Poltergeist was Cursed or Haunted or something?

Well that's how anybody who tries to make a Post Apocalypse Game seems to be now.

None of you guys murdered that dude that did Gamma World or something, right?

And the Fallout Guy is still alive, I think, although nobody knows what he looks like, he's like some kinda Mysterious Shakespeare Guy, he may not even exist, he may be a collection of people, or he may even be a woman ahaha.

Do they still print Heavy Metal Comics?

Man see the whole world is turning into people that wear scarves and v-neck sweaters like that dude that drove the Mystery Mobile.

Its actually happening.

We all have to be nice to women?

Well I'm not doing that.

What's next!

That's the Real Apocalypse, Scoob!

You turn into a guy with a scarf and a pink sweater and then you drive a van around and help women solve mysteries until you die!

Pass me s'more of those don't get yer slobber on 'em and hog 'em all now ahaha.

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