Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get On It

Y'know, ever since we bought the Food Replicator, and the Holodeck, and Gravity Generators, and the Teleporter, and weapons we could set on Stun, and especially the Cryosleep Tubes, we haven't had a mutiny on the ship and we've had the same captain.

But before that we were like barbarians in space man we had four different captains in the same year one time.

It wasn't always a mutiny that killed a captain I mean you know captains make out with green women and get killed and eaten by green alien husbands and stuff too.

But before the food replicator, we had to eat a lot of those airplane peanuts and drink water out of one of those stewardess carts with the drinks 'cause that's all we had if the computer woke you up everything else was packed away.

There is a snack machine in the hallway like they have at Rest Areas but the food in there never goes bad because it isn't really food its more like candy hotdogs and mustard shapes made out of the same powder and water, steaks made out of Blue Play Doh, its like a candy machine filled with those valentine hearts made out of chalk.

That's Ex-bouncer's favorite invention, the Food Replicator, that's what makes Star Trek Utopia Possible, really, y'know?

"Yah yer fine you just broke your leg but the Doctor won't use the teleporter so you just gotta just hang in there trooper you just gotta wait for him to arrive by boat soldier hang in there don't you die on me don't you dare die on me that's an order!"

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