Monday, November 5, 2007

The Prison State

Another thing I saw lately that tumbled around in my brain for a while was this Prison State Chart where it shows how many folks different countries have in prison, and the U.S. is like WoW on there, with Seven Million people in prison, and all these other countries have like six guys in prison.

I'm not sure what the chart is supposed to be implying but the thing that keeps coming back to my mind is that thing Ex-bouncer and me always yap about where the U.S. is a young country full of people who just moved here and don't really know each other.

Its a lot easier to throw people in the slammer when you don't give a shit about them because you don't know their family and where they came from and stuff (like you would in an older country, where they'd probably just give Olaf Olafson a little slap on the wrist 'cause everybody knows his dad or some shit like that).

And on the flipside, its also probably easier to commit crimes against folks that your parents (if ya got any) don't know and shit.

Well, its not really the "flipside," y'know, 'cause giving somebody a horrible sentence in a court of law is pretty much the exact same thing as committing a horrible crime against somebody.

So there is that.

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