Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lazarus Long

The men in my biological family live about 50 years and then they start having strokes and stuff until they're dead or their brains are turned to mush.

The folks in my stepdad's familly live about 100 years and they can disco dance and crack jokes right up until the very last second.

I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it myself, y'know, but his momma is an independent ninety-five year old woman who lives up in Wisconsin with all her brothers and sisters who are also in their nineties and independent and senility-free, and his Uncle is an eighty three year old Ancient Mariner dude who lives by himself in the Ozarks.

The weirdest thing is thinking about how my stepdad is probably going to outlive me by about twenty-five years.

He's not as far along in his probable lifespan as I am.

Its like the Howard Foundation from Heinlein or something, y'know?

I mean, on a purely scientific level, its too bad he didn't have any kids to keep that Longevity Gene of his in circulation for folks in the future heh.

He's sixty and his hair is finally starting to turn gray ahaha.

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