Thursday, November 29, 2007

For Bloom

A Discourse on Marxist Ideology In Easy To Understand Terms.

Here's one for people with tougher stomachs.

On the bright side, its one of my favorite songs of all times.

Do I blame Marxists for the bad stuff?

Naw, I blame the guys that did the bad stuff for the bad stuff.

And, to be fair, here's an explanation of some of the theories without the gory bits that come from trying to implement them in reality (this guy has a lot of explanations of all the theoretical stuff, I'm only linking to one but there's plenty more).

I thought we were done with this stuff when we realized we could make robots that would do all the sucky shit for us and have bosses that made less money than "highly skilled laborers" and were basically being paid to organize things to make the most of our time (sorta like a cross between a secretary and a manager).

Theoretically speaking.

I'm sorry but the guy that invented the Whuffie is miles ahead of this old Marxist junk.

That last bit is so some damn fool doesn't come here and make me argue for theories of Capitalism (that's even older than the Marxist junk).

Or Liberal Democracy or Anti-atheism (depending on which of the three heads wants to bite me heh).

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