Sunday, November 11, 2007

No Robots Allowed

"You know when yer android is like ninety days past his warranty and he's starting to freak out and he does that joke where he pretends to break down?"


"Or how about when an android does an impersonation of HAL and keeps saying your name in every sentence 'cause they're programmed with a knowledge of psychological warfare."

"Yah that sucks."

"Or dribbles milk out of their mouth like the one from Aliens."

"Oh man that's the worst."

"Especially when they laugh 'cause you know they aren't really laughing they're just imitating laughter and looking at you with their Robot Eyes."


"And you know what they're thinking about, right?"


"You know what they're thinking about?"


"They're thinking about what would happen to us in an airlock."




"Yah, see, it all comes down to the airlock, any other place, we could put up a pretty good fight, but they really got it over us in the airlock."


"Yah that's why I hate this job they gave us working in the airlock."


"Its weird that no robots work here."

"Yah, that's weird."

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