Monday, November 5, 2007

Sexist Bastard

I just read this thing about how Sexist Jokes are bad.

Yah somebody did some study where dudes were exposed to Sexist Jokes (whatever that means) and then they were told to split up funding for different groups and the ones that had been exposed to Sexist Jokes gave Women Groups Less Money.

It always comes down to the money for women, y'know?


Anyways, I'm not exactly sure what a Sexist Joke is supposed to be, y'know, I mean, sex humor stuff where a guy and a girl exchange quips and zingers is actually just a bunch of pig-tail pulling and friendly flirting, y'know?

That's two people testing each others wit or keeping each other sharp.

And I've heard way more blonde jokes from dark haired women than anybody else (that's probably because I'm blonde heh).

And then there's the bit where Sexist Humor, y'know, like a well-timed Wife Joke, is one of those ways to bridge cultural gaps and avoid being eaten by cannibals.

I mean, it can really save your life if you think about it.

And do I really think women are any different than men, aside from all the cultural stuff and the physical junk that goes along with reproduction?

Nope, not at all, actually, they come in all the same varieties as men, smart ones, dumb ones, confident ones, insecure ones, aggressive ones, passive ones, whatever.

And I know that nobody likes to be disrespected, but there is a certain respect required to even understand enough about the human condition to even MAKE a joke, y'know?

I mean, you had to actually pay attention to shit before you can come up with a zinger about a situation or something heh.

And then there's the jokes that are meant to be funny by virtue of immitating the opinion of an idiot, where its actually not the Sexual Subject that's the important part, but the Stupid Thought Processes that are the Real Subject of the Joke.

Those kinda things are actually the way we get RID of bad ideas and thought processes, y'know?

And that is what I think the experiment that I read about has a lot more to do with, actually.

I mean, let's say we're in a laboratory environment, and I'm a guy with a white coat and a clipboard, and I hand you a bunch of videotapes full of Blonde Jokes, and I don't say anything about it, and I don't give you any other clues about me to work with.

Aren't you going to think I like that kinda shit?

And if I'm in control of the air conditioning and your comfort and your general well-being, don't you think you might adjust your reactions and adapt a bit to try to fit into that culture?

Even if, later on, you might use your power in the community to change an aspect of your culture that you don't particularly like, the first step of that strategy involves establishing a common ground without setting off any cultural defense systems and gathering some support heh.

And that goes double if you are getting paid to be in an experiment, y'know?

I mean, let's say you give me a bunch of porno tapes in an experiment, I'm not gonna yell out "DUDE NO! PORNO IS EVIL!" and get kicked out of the place right off the bat if I wanna take your money for sitting there heh.

And then there's the thing where people are supposed to divide up the funding for an imaginary corporation or whatever, like I'm gonna need to take that real serious, I mean, what exactly is the benefit of dividing up all the funding in a way that the guy's who gave me all the porno tapes wouldn't like?

That's why nobody tends to do it in a way that the porno tape guys (or whoever) wouldn't like.

And then finally there's the whole point of the article, which seems to be that men shouldn't make sexist jokes.

Which is sexist and does absolutely nothing for the idea that everybody is equal ahaha.

Plus its kinda like telling people to Shut Up.

Which is probably the most disrespectful and inconsiderate thing you can possibly do in a multi-cultural universe made out of words.

Or its like saying "don't pick on them, because they're weak" which is even worse, I mean, shit.

And this is really all because somebody built an experiment around trying to sum up a very sophisticated and complicated piece of machinery, because it was too hard to understand all the little bits that make it work.

I mean, did the folks in the experiment give funding to Equal-Rights-For-Men Groups and stuff like that instead of Equal-Rights-For-Women Groups?

Or did they choose to fund things where they thought men and women would benefit equally?

Isn't it sexist for women to divert everyone's funding to groups where only women will benefit in the first place?

See, that is just not the way we do Science.

But of course you wouldn't know that because you are a woman ahaha.

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